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  • War Mode

    This is a system where players are able to fight each other in any map they want.
    To activate it you need to find the quick options icon on the left side of the minimap, and then click in War Mode.
    Also you can use the hotkey "K" to turn On or Off.


    After the mode is active the character will receive a red aura, and his name will turn red.
    And a buff will show up in the top left of the screen.


    Only players that are using the mode will be able to fight other players.
    Every time the player teleport to the city the mode will be automatically deactivated.
    There is a one minute cooldown between activate and deactivate the system.

    Players with war mode on will:

    • be able to fight each other in any map they want;
    • receive 10% Extra Monsters Experience;
    • receive 50% Extra Drop Chance;
    • receive 20% Extra Soul Gain.

    Kill Stealing(KS) Rules:

    • If you get killed when using War Mode, now the Spawn or Monster don't belongs to you anymore, and you will need to contest it back.
    • If owner of Spawn is using War Mode, and other player is killing his monsters or getting drops without it, this can be considered KS.
    • If owner of Spawn is not using War Mode in the first moment, it will be always considered KS.
    • If one player want to contest the Spawn he need to activate War Mode and fight for it, in other case it will be considered KS.
    • This rules are applicable for Party too, if at least one player is using War Mode.

    Notes: This system is optional, when using it any player can attack you with no exceptions. Use at your own risk.