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  • Vote Shop

    This system make all players able to vote to the server, and receive Vote Points to exchange for great rewards.
    By doing this the server grow up, at same time that the player can evolve faster in the game.

    Vote Process:

    To vote is very simple, go to the "User Panel" and login with your Account.
    At the left tab you need to click on "Vote Points" and then click on "Vote Now".


    After that a new tab will be opened, to finish the process you need to click on the website verification button.
    It will ask for a human verification that is very easy to complete.
    When completed that sucessfully, it will show you a confirmation sign.
    To finish the process click on "Vote for LostTale".
    The points will be automatically added to your account.

    Note that you are able to vote every 12 hours, for every account and connection.
    If you want to vote in more than one account, you can use different connections.


    Vote Shop:

    To spend your points you just need to find the NPC "Vote Shop", that is located at Ricarten or Pillai Town.
    There's a lot of items that can be bought, like Exp Potions, Aging Stones, Costumes and much more!