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Patch 1165

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  • "CTRL" key is now enabled in PVP for fighting clanmates.
  • Mouse cursor is now improved.
  • "CTRL + END" takes screenshots with no HUD. 
  • "SHIFT + CTRL + END" takes screenshots without HUD and hides your character.
  • Items from the 100 Quest are now fixed.
  • Level limit for ending begginers quest is now 79.
  • Max number of items in the ground was increased. (It should prevent items from despawning too soon)
  • Grand Fury Event is now back.
  • Mokova has now a fixed spawn.
  • Boss Items drop chances were increased.
  • Fury Arena time was changed.
  • Fixed weird bug about EXP.
  • Screenshots path are now shown for you in the chat.
  • Aging Level was correted in the global warning message.
  • Autoclick and macro softwares are now forbidden.
  • Anti-hack was updated.
  • Fury prizes should now be more diversified and buffed.
  • Removed non coinshop items from Lucky Box.
  • Bless Castle prize should now be delivered automatically to the leader of the winner clan.
  • Boss regen when someone dies is now 15%.
  • Priestess Vigor Ball should have a higher damage in Bless Castle.
  • New hunt map released: "Secret Laboratory" with the boss Draxos spawning every four hours.
  • New item set released: Level 122.
  • Level cap increased: 140.
  • Item List is now released.
  • New boss hunt quests: Kelvezu and Draxos.
  • New boss item: Draxos Boots. (Only drops from Draxos)
  • Event Moriph is now on.


For those having problems with the launcher, download the files and extract them manually.







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