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Development Roadmap

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Hello Warriors, here you'll find our current development goals for the server. You are more than welcome to use the suggestion's forum to help us improve this list. 


R eleased | D evelopment | S tand-By

  • D ] Assassin and Shaman Classes
    • Play with two more character classes.


  • S Multiple Pages in Warehouse.
    • Tired of having multiple character mules? This will solve the problem.


  • S New Tier of Skills (T5)
    • A new set of skills featuring unique new skills for each character class.
  • S ] Clan Warehouse
    • Store items and share items with your clan mates.
  • S ] New Distributor Functions
    • Send items to your friends, even when they're offline.
  • S ] New and Exclusive Quests.
    • Quests with great rewards coming.
  • S ] New HUD
    • New monsters HP and information.
    • New Party HUD to further simplify our party modes.
    • New Chat system.


  • S ] Ability to Cancel Quests
    • Not felling like finishing the quest now? no problemo!
  • S ] Party Queue
    • No more trying to remember who's next to the queue in your party.
  • S ] New Coin Shop Services
    • Change Name.
    • Change Class.
    • Item Swap.
    • Class Change.
    • Change Character account.


  • R ] Improved monsters AI
    • Tired of monsters running away from spawn?


  • R New Settings Window (With New Options) 
    • Our current settings window is pretty primitive, we need upgrade it to fit new options.
    • Anti-Aliasing.
    • Loot Filter.
    • Enable/Disable skill effects.
    • Enable/Disable damage font.


  • R ] Automatic Rewards for Bless Castle
    • Clan leader will receive it after event is finished.
  • R ] Improved Fury Arena Rewards
    • No more flood of stamina boosters.
  • R ] New Map
    • New Hunt Map.
    • New Item Set.

Last Updated: 03/18/2019

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