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Patch 3069

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  • Fixed game crash related to distributor.
  • Fixed TimeShop to work properly.
  • Fixed game crash that was ocorring while people were exping.
  • Fixed problem with Bless Castle defences.
  • Boss regen only works on Valento as intended.
  • Preparations for new packages in the coinshop with discounts.
  • Fixed SoD bug where more than one team could not gain points.
  • Anti-Hack improvements.
  • Fixed server crash related to the party system.
  • Server improvement to mitigate problem with characters dissappearing.
  • Fixed Top Level NPC to show the correct values.
  • Improvements on the automatic event system.
  • Corrected text on the Top PVP icon.
  • Fixed RainMaker defense bug in PVP.
  • New Items added, Ghost Bracelets and Fury Gauntlets are now obtained in Ghost Castle and Fury Arena respectively.
  • Changed range attack in monsters from Secret Laboratory.
  • Rebalanced values from Aging related items in CoinShop.

For those having problems with the update, use the following link:
Patch 3069 manual update

Patch 3070 manual update

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