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Patch 3059

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  • Crash problem related to shaman fixed.
  • Fixed a visual problem related to God Bless.
  • Skill Masters are now able to train both tribes.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would not remember the last account name.
  • Clonning Sheltom System is back and now has a fail chance.
  • Anti-hack improvements.
  • You can now open the distributor from the coinshop window.
  • Repeatable quests easy and medium modes rebalanced.
  • Added ET3 hs near NPC.


  • Assassin
    •     Running Hit damage increased.
    •     Attack Mastery is now based in the total attack rate.
    •     Blind after damage increased.
    •     Polluted is now affected by attack speed, duration and number of targets increased.
    •     Shade Kick damage increased.
  • Archer
    •     Scout Hawk now shows it's atributtes on the character info and values reworked.
    •     Dion's Eye is now based in the total attack rate.
    •     Bomb Shot damage corrected.
    •     Nature Splash was replaced with Evade Shot.
    •     Saggitarius Rain is now Frosty Rain and it's Dmg Mp Stm costs corrected. Also animation speed was increased and has a new effect.
  • Knight
    •     Holy Valor damage % was slighty reduced.
    •     Brandish damage calculation fixed.
    •     Grand Cross damage against Undead reduced.
    •     Godly Shield now shows the correct info on it's description and character info.
    •     God Bless now adds damage percentage instead of fixed values.
    •     Divine Piercing added critical chance.
    •     Undead Bane was replaced with Saint Blade.
    •     Holy Justice has now two hits instead of one.
    •     Holy Conviction now add damage against all monsters.
    •     Holy Body and Holy Valor chain reduced and fixed party bug.
    •     Crescent Moon was buffed and has new effects.
  • Fighter
    •  Destroyer and Seismic Impact can now be used with swords.


Download our newest full client to avoid problems.



For those who cannot afford to download a new client full, please do as following: Select all folders from your game client, right click on them, go to properties. Deselect the option read only, click on ok and then wait for it to finish. Then delete Version file from the game folder and execute the launcher.


should be like this:



Manual Update:


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