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Patch 3058

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  • New level cap released: 135.
  • Anti-hack improvements.
  • Fixed some server crashes.
  • Aging Free and Damage Reduction Events are over now.
  • Server performance improvements.
  • Class change now changes the level up date, making you loose top level buff if you have.
  • Shop NPC added to Secret Laboratory.
  • PicPay donations are now delivered automatically.
  • Panel has now one session limit per account.
  • New login music added to the game.
  • Hp Booster, Stm Booster, Mp Booster, Hunt Power, Migal Might and Wing Boots price reduced in the Coin Shop

Skill Changes:

  • Archer:
                      Bomb Shot area damage is better now.
                      Sagittarius Rain now has chain damage on Arrow of Rage, animation now scales with attack speed and has frost effect.
                      Archer falcons can now be rebuffed.
                      Force of nature now works for party and raid members.
  • Priest:
                     Virtual Life now works for party and raid members.
  • Mage:
                     Magic Source now works for party and raid members.


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