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Patch 3047

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  • Fixed wrong sheltom names in some windows.
  • Fixed a problem with the distributor item images.
  • Fixed forces information on inventory.
  • Fixed some aging stat bugs.
  • Kiss of Viper, Sword of Justice and Crescent Moon skills now have no delay.
  • Gust Slash damage boost is now 100% at level 10.
  • Improvements on the antihack system.
  • Ghost Castle Released!
  • New tabs on the coinshop.
  • Global warning for when bellatra is about to start added.
  • Global warning for five minutes before boss time added.
  • Server response speed was enhanced.
  • Fixed Bellatra, you now have to make points with at least 3 characters to win the crown.
  • Fixed a problem with the drop alert.
  • Fixed a false positive ban.
  • New launcher released.
  • Migration to a better host for stability.
  • Repetable Quests are now acessible anywhere by pressing "F".
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't kick player from clans.
  • New Exp Up 50% added for limited time on coinshop, enjoy!
  • Earring System Released! (More info to come)
  • Online Rewards rework.
  • Fury Arena Rewards rework.
  • Hair Potions price of selling increased.
  • Increased price of cloning Sapphire.


New client full released:


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