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Patch 3045

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  • Fixed a bug where coin amount would not appear on login.
  • New teleport core layout that shows information and mini map.
  • Global messages now appear on the top of the screen.
  • Alert showing the the name of the map you entered added.
  • Preparations for Ghost Castle Event.
  • Server improvements on security.
  • New Rankings
    • Top Level Ranking can be seen in game on a NPC in Ricarten.
    • Solo Bellatra Ranking can be seen in game on a NPC in Ricarten.
  • Achievement System released, soon new achievements!
  • Fixed some translations in the game.
  • Clan SOD Leaders receive rewards for their position in SOD (150kk, 100kk and 50kk)
  • New mixes released! Check out our Mix Guide in game.
  • Antihack improvements.
  • Christmas Event ON! Enjoy Christmas Ricarten!
  • Double EXP Event ON.
  • Fixed a bug where character speed wasn't calculated.
  • Solved a bug where the server could seem like it was full.
  • New layout on Skill and Social Windows.
  • Aging in set (Gauntlet, Boots and Bracelets) released!
  • Now spawns will not bug anymore for having summons on the map.
  • Sea of Abyss was replaced with Endless Tower 3rd Floor.
  • Fixed a bug that would make players disconnect after openning distributor.

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