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Patch 3034

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  • Halloween Event is active!
  • You can now press enter to accept items from Distributor NPC.
  • Change PVP absorption formula.
  • Fixed Boss sheltom in Mix NPC.
  • Phantoms can now be sent to mix NPC with right click.
  • Changed new classes items prices.
  • Changed talent requirement for new classes items.
  • Fix bug where some windows had their name in the wrong place.
  • ExDeath now has 10% buff against monsters.
  • Last Breath delay time reduced.
  • Holy Justice and Grand Cross were buffed.
  • Survival Instict was nerfed.
  • Splash Nature and Saggitarius Rain were balanced.
  • Holy Valor and Holy Body cannot be used with Holy Conviction anymore.
  • Anti Hack Improvements.
  • Halloween Costumes have a spooky Halloween Effect.
  • Mix Name now appears in the Mix NPC when the mix formula is right.


  •  Mix Guide introduced! Now there's a NPC next to Mix NPC in Ricarten that shows you call Mixes available.


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