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Patch 3030

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  • Daily Rewards System released!
    • You can now win rewards for logging in every day!
  • Introducing "Spec Stones" and "Deluxe Spec Stones" that changes your item spec even if it has Aging or Mix.
    • Deluxe Spec Stones keep the original stats.
    • Normal Spec Stones ramdomize the original stats.
    • The NPC to use this stones is Lucy, located close to the Phillai's warehouse.
  • New Coin Shop System
    • You can now preview Hairstyles and Costumes.
    • Change Nick Service.
    • Item Swap Service.
    • Item Perfectize Service.
      • Does not change item spec.
    • Change Class Service and Change Class Premium Service.
      • Change Class Premium Services includes 8 x Spec Stones of the new class you choose.
      • Normal Change Class doesn't include any Spec Stone.
      • Change Class includes Nick Change.
    • Item Perfectize price was balanced with the item level.
  • Item Distributor now sends a notification in chat to the player when an item is received.
  • Fixed a bug where users would not received the reward from "Online Rewards".
  • Preparations for Halloween Event.
  • Swiftness now can be used with swords.
  • Several Pikeman skills now can be used on the left mouse shortcut.
  • Avenging Crash attack rate boost now is applied only to weapon.
  • Seismic Impact damage reduced.
  • PVP King Buff now adds 100 HP instead of 150.
  • Skill Berserker values are now calculated in percentage.
  • Death Ray damage was buffed.
  • Martial Artist skill Defense Mastery is now Attack Mastery.

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