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Patch 3026

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  • Skill Hyper Sonic now works properly.
  • Fixed a problem where the stats formula were not working properly.
  • New distributor released! Now you can choose what items to withdraw from the NPC.
  • Fixed skill Hall of Valhalla not applying its boost correctly.
  • Wind Arrow has no delay now.
  • Tier 5 summons cannot tank bosses any longer.
  • Accuracy system for PVP and PVE Changes(Defence formula changed).
  • Fixed problem where Sinister Spin, Tiger Cannon and Line Break would not apply their damage as intended.
  • Fixed skill Defense Mastery not working properly.
  • Skills Force of Nature and Hall of Valhala can now be recast properly.
  • Hunting Hawk now has no delay.
  • Area skills now deal less damage in PVP.
  • Skills missing should now be cancelled properly in the server side.
  • Fixed a problem with skills that should not be used together.
  • New skills should be cancelled properly when the player dies.
  • Ice Meteorite now can be seen by all users and fixed its damage calculation.
  • Virtual Life now has a reduced damage taken by 10% against monster and shows correctly its to everyone.
  • Bless Castle reward now should work properly both in defense and attack mode.
  • Bless Castle HUD now is more clean.
  • Fixed MP and SP usage from Shaman Skills.
  • Battle Points cannot be gained from accounts logged in the same IP address.
  • Inpes now should apply the values correctly.
  • Last Breath now has 100% DMG against demons and its damage percentage was boosted.
  • Venom Spear should work properly now.
  • Sinister Spin now has more details on information.
  • Attack Mastery and Dual Wield Mastery should work properly.
  • Kiss of the Viper now applies the bonus properly.
  • Screenshot System was enhanced.
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