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Patch 3021

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  • Extreme Rage and Vengeance now scale with the characters attack speed.
  • Fixed problem where you couldn't click the quest alert guide in the top left of the screen.
  • Grand Smash now deals half of its damage while the Trine Shield is being used.
  • Trine Shield stats now are based on shield stats.
  • Fixed a bug related to Seismic Impact.
  • Shield related skills are now cancelled in case you are not using a shield.
  • Seismic Impact now shows the correct information and the effect was slight enhanced.
  • Magic classes 1x1 skills now take in consideration attack rating when hitting their targets.
  • Fixed a bug where the quest counter would not update properly.
  • Poison now shows its damage to people close.
  • Fixed a bug where Mechanician would be banned in Bless Castle.
  • Several skill now are usable on both right and left mouse shortcut.
  • Fixed a bug where Spark could work while having Automation being used.
  • Fixed a bug where Shaman could be banned for using Big Head.
  • Characters now received one extra elite skill point for every 2 levels after level 80.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented aged items from shinning as intended.
  • Ice meteorite now deals damage 2 times

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