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Patch 3020

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  • Fixed aging percentage not appearing correctly in aging window.
  • Broken item now has correct description.
  • Devil Shy now spawns correctly (first spawn at the entrance of et2).
  • Fixed crash related to SOD and new classes.
  • Added ice effect to Ice Meteorite.
  • Fixed Weapon Defence mastery information.
  • Seismic Impact damage boosted and damage against demons added.
  • HP capacity boost of Survival Instinct nerfed.
  • Fixed HP regen formula of the game.
  • Fixed bug related to split stack.
  • Fixed display damage appearing while window not focused.
  • Fixed a bug related to T5 and assassin's bighead.
  • Added delay to Priest T4 Lightning skill.
  • Ice Meteorite damage boosted.
  • Fixed Ramiel attack and chain evade.
  • T5 Titles corrected in character information.
  • Nerfed Priest skill against undead and fixed cause of lag in big spawns.
  • Fixed a bug related to Union Core.
  • Added Virtual Life reduce damage description.
  • Added chain of Critical from Brutal Swing to Seismic Impact.
  • Reduced delay of Seismic Impact and increased speed of casting.
  • Fixed Fire Weapon information in character.
  • Improved monster spawns sligthly.
  • Boosted Dual Wield Mastery.
  • Boosted polluted damage.
  • Sore Blade now has extra damage against mutant and normal monsters.
  • Kiss of The Viper now has delay.

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