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Patch 1130

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  • Weight value now changes color to indicate when you are close to being overweight.
  • Translations in some quests text.
  • New font used in items, stats, aging and mix and inventory information. Smoother and less laggy.
  • Clan message and clan login message now will work properly, you can change yours the account panel.
  • Aging price in items level 100 or bellow now are 80% cheapear.
  • SOD crown is now updated without the need to relog.
  • SOD score is now announced in global chat and will take effect way faster than before.
  • SOD scores are now reset every saturday midnight.
  • New characters created from now on will receive premiuns itens to help them to level up.
  • EXP in MD1, MD2, MD3, FT1 and FT2 was increased.
  • EXP IN AD2 was slightly decreased.
  • Spanws in ICE 1 and 2 were decreased. They are intended to be hunt maps.
  • Christmas event is now over.
  • Mystic Crystal price was changed.
  • Added Figon Crystal to crystals NPC.
  • Number of drops per boss should now be improved.

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