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Patch 3018

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  • Fixed a bug related to maximize skill.
  • Fixed Bellatra icon texts.
  • Fixed Magician costumes not working.
  • Top Level Player text now has a different color and its shown all the time like Bellatra's Crown.
  • Fixed a bug where shield model would dissappear.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not accept clan invites.
  • Advent Migal now shows the correct values.
  • Fixed a bug where Nervers of Steel would not work.
  • Fixed a bug where the server could crash.
  • Anti-hack improvements.
  • Guardian Saint Crystal should work properly.
  • Fixed problem with aging window with Vambraces.
  • Fixed mature problem with Daggers and Phantoms.
  • Devil Shy now has fixed spawn and have roll dice.
  • Fixed Attack Rating of Boss Set Effect.
  • Rage and Swift Axe now have 13% ATK Boost in level 10.
  • Martial Artist Area skills are now shown properly.
  • Tier 5 Released! New skills for all characters!
    • Assassin
      • Shadow Bomb
      • Kiss of the Viper
      • Shade Kick
      • Shadow Storm
    • Pikeman
      • Last Breath
      • Attack Rating Mastery
      • Final Spear
      • Ex-Death
    • Priestess
      • Ice Elemental
      • Ice Meteorite
      • Summon Ramiel
      • Consecration
    • Magician
      • Wizard's Trance
      • Magic Source
      • Amplify
      • Execration
    • Atalanta
      • Arcuda
      • Poison Javelin
      • Amazon Rage
      • Javelin Mastery
    • Fighter
      • Inner Soul
      • Seismic Impact
      • Survival Instinct
      • Fire Weapon
    • Shaman
      • Creed
      • Press Deity
      • Phantom Nail
      • Occult Life
    • Martial Artist
      • Defense Mastery
      • Hunting Hawk
      • Line Break
      • Hard Training
    • Archer
      • Stun Arrow
      • Phoenix Speed
      • Nature Splash
      • Saggitarius Rain
    • Mechanic
      • Precision
      • HyperSonic
      • Rolling Smash
      • Trine Shield
    • Knight
      • Undead Bane
      • Holy Justice
      • Holy Conviction
      • Crescent Moon
  • Skill Points for T5 will be shared with T4, in the future we will introduce quests to add more points and balance it further more.

After this patch we will focus on balancing the classes and your input on this matter is very important, please send us your feedback so we can improve the game and make it fair to everyone. Thanks!

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