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Patch 1110

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  • Fixed wands and staffs holding models
  • Added support to discord API, now your friends can see you playing on the server in the discord!
  • Changed the level table, see link: https://losttale.com/forum/index.php?topic=19.0
  • Added support for Windows 10 notifications system, for now if you closed the game window you will get a notification when you get a Personal Message (PM). We will release more functionalities soon.
  • Added settings for disabling the notification system.
  • Multiple skills are now allowed be used with the left click.
  • Fixed distribuitor message upon login.
  • Force levels changed.
  • Now discord shows how long you've been playing in your session.
  • Hair potions now can be sold in personal shop.
  • Added new hairstyles. (Will be added to coinshop soon. )
  • Level difference for party is now 15.
  • Added functions "/localtime" and "/bosstime" to display server time and bosstime respectively.
  • Bosses now will kill Summons instantly.
  • Party mode: "Hunt" now properly checks to see if there is a party member nearby to work properly.
  • Fixed name translation of some items.
  • Skill rebalance for all classes. (Details for this will be posted soon. )
  • Clan notice message added, now you can set a message to appear when every member of the clan enters in the game.
  • Clan leaders can now change clan's image and phrases in the account panel. (All clan image files must be bmp 24bits, you can open them in paint as save in this type, it will prevent it from not working in the game.)

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