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Patch 1100

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  • Kelvezu Amulet is now tagged as boss item.
  • Fixed Impulsion.
  • Displaying of EXP earned is now properly formatted.
  • Devil Shy abs increased.
  • Added music to the Grand Fury Arena.
  • Fixed timer inside Grand Fury Arena.
  • Fixed damage and description of Brandish.
  • Fixed level to get in and out of Endless Tower 1 and Endless Tower 2.
  • Swords should work properly with other classes other than knights.
  • Added sound to Devil Shy and it now has a fixed spawn location (Close to the entrance).
  • Forces now add 10% attack power.
  • Fixed reagen for dead players.
  • Recents PMs list should now work properly.
  • Gold is now correctly distributed for the party.
  • Babel reagen was nerfed.
  • Fixed HP of monsters in the right top corner.
  • Forces now work in Bless Castle.
  • New lucky box system, test your luck by buying at the Coin Shop and use it to get random Coin Shop items.
  • Online Rewards are now per account not per char anymore.
  • New mixes.
  • Fixed Coin Runes displaying the price in personal shop.
  • SOD Crown description translated to english.
  • Ricarten and Pillai are now Christmas Themed.
  • Sword talent requirements were correted.
  • Axe speed was correted.
  • Christmas Event On! Kill the Monsters to get all kind of gifts!

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