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Patch 3011 - New Client Full (MUST DOWNLOAD)

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Hello warriors, in this update we have new classes added to the game. Since this is a big update we will keep watching how to server behaves to that changes closely, so you might feel a little lag. If you feel too much lag please report.
You'll have to download a new version of our client full since we had big changes in the game.


The new classes are:

  • Shaman
  • Assassin
  • Martial Artist

These classes will be balanced as we gather feedback from you. No values/delays are final in any way.

Alongside with them there were a couple of fixes that were made:

  • Fixed characters damage formulas to use weapon damage.
  • Fixed mage buffs not working on AOE skills.
  • Implemented a new way of calculating skill bonus to use it in AOE skills.
  • Archer's Phoenix now can be used with SHIFT.
  • Ata's buffs now can be recast.
  • Overall server performance improvement.


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