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Patch 1080

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  • The SOD score was reworked.
  • Might of Awell was added in the Coin Shop.
  • Dropped gold text was corrected.
  • New monsters sounds should now work properly.
  • Ancient Dungeon 2 was added to the Magic Core.
  • Forces are now handled in a different way, looking like premium items, solving weird dissappearing bugs.
  • High level forces have proper glow effects.
  • Mistery Deserts Experience was buffed.
  • Valento now spawns on a fixed location, next to the Kelvezu Lair.
  • Endless Tower 1st Floor has now higher drop rates.
  • Endless Tower 2nd Floor has a new boss spawning every 2 hours. (Devil Shy, with a small change of dropping the boss item "Shy Ring")
  • Swiftness skill now works with swords.
  • Endless Tower 1st Floor teleport entrance was corrected.
  • Monsters IQ was enhanced, in attempt to fix them running away from players in big spawns.
  • Tulla drops are now higher.
  • High level bosses now have fixed spawn locations.
  • Fury Arena bosses were nerfed, now the event should be easier.
  • Forces were added to the Coin Shop.
  • Yagditha has higher drop chances and bigger HP.
  • Abyss Monsters have now higher drop chances.
  • The forces that you had before the patch 1070 might be bugged, so if you can't use them, contact us so we exchange them for you.
  • Players who had used forces previusly to the patch might have two forces working for a while, whilest the old force timer runs out.

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