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Patch 3008

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  • Skill box information visual redone better and more aesthetic than the older one.
    • Item information now has proper paddings and is aligned.
    • You can see the cooldown time on the skills informations.
  • Item Box information visual redone to be better and more aesthetic than the older one.
    • Perfect Item Information looks better and adds up with Aging and Mix.
    • You can now compare items in your inventory with the one you are using by holding Shift Key.
  • Bellatra Crown buffs were changed:
    • Add +1 Attack Speed on Golden
    • Add +3 Abs on Silver
    • Add +50 Attack Rating on bronze.
  • Soul Crystal visual bug was fixed.
  • Core engine related code was refatored to be smoother.
  • FPS Counter is now more accurate.
  • Roll Dice System was added to the game to balance boss drops.
  • You can now split your potions by Holding CTRL and right clicking the potion stack.
  • Set Boss Items now have unique buffs when used together, you can check more information here.
  • The game formulas were changed, you can check more information here.
  • Warnings have now a new look in game.
  • Characters look should be slightly different from some improvements in the game engine.
  • Repeatable Quests now loses 10% of their total exp for each level difference you have with their level, the cap is 50%.
  • Skills balance:
    • Removed height verification from party skills.
    • Mage zenith was reworked to be more useful.
    • Mage elemental spirit now adds attack power instead of magic boost.
    • Pikeman venom spear now does not affect boss and was changed to percent base.
    • Knight holy valor changed to percent base.
    • Fighter destroyer was buffed.
    • Fighter both main attack skills changed values.


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