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Patch 1330

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  • Fixed broken chat when displaying a long message .
  • Added chat command to disable all your active quests
    • Type in chat /cancelquests to use it!
  • Server spawns redone
  • Fixed a crash in Cursed Temple 3th floor (CT3) MAP.
  • Virtual Life (VL) is now given to everyone in your party
    • Use it as if you were going to give yourself Virtual Life (VL).
  • New UI improvement
    • Added new confirmation dialog
    • Added new Target HUD.
    • Changed game general font.
    • Changed premiums location.
    • New boss HUD HP.
  • Added age fail change feedback on the age window
    • When you put your item and stones, there will be a message showing your % change of failure.
  • Increased view range.
  • Audio quality improved
    • Added music in the login menu.
    • Ricartem song is back.
  • Added monsters effects
    • Sea of abyss monsters now have proper effects.
  • Added Shelton Cloning System!
    • See the link for more information.


Since this is a big update, we have released a new client full ( Ver. 1330 ).



For those who still want to download the patch manually, dowload the files and extract them manually.

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