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Easter Event!

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  • Easter Rabie Event:
    • Easter Rabies spawning in all maps, dropping Eggs and Empty treasures.
    • Collect Eggs to craft at Master Shalon in Bunny Treasures to exchange for nice rewards.
    • Rare chances of Poseidon and Fun Skins, also other valuable premium items including Fluence Stone and Mega Exp Potion!
    • Craft Recipe: 1 Mystery Empty Treasure + 3 Eggs of same type = Mystery Bunny Treasure. 
    • Evil Rabie Boss spawning every 6 hours in Valley of Tranquility with nice rewards. (Location marked on the minimap).
  • Evil Rabie invasions:
    • Bad Rabies spawning in Ice Mine, Endless Tower 3 and Cursed Temple 3.
    • The invasions are announced on the global warning with the specific map.
    • It have an determined duration that is showed on the event calendar.
    • This bad Rabies don't drop eggs or treasures but gives a lot of Experience! Must kill them all!
  • Discounts in all Coin Shop Tabs during the holidays. Enjoy!

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