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Patch 3202

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  • Bless Castle Changes:
    • Removed field option during Siege War.
    • Crowns rebalanced: 6%, 4%, 2%.
    • Now Clan that score more points wins.
    • Castle Door: ABS reduced from 95% to 90%. HP reduced from 3M to 2.6M.
    • Towers ABS reduced from 93% to 90%. HP increased in same proportion. (This change increased points when attacking towers in around 43%).
    • Fire Tower damage increased.
  • Skin System:
    • New Poseidon Weapon line exclusively obatined at Vote Shop.
    • New Mecha Weapon line exclusively obtained at Coin Shop.
    • New 4Fun skins. Boxing Gloves, Baseball Bat, Baseball Glove. Can be obtained at Vote Shop and Coin Shop.
    • Resized Phantoms from level 1 to 112 for better skin customization.
    • Fixed some Swords and Hammers positions to fit better on character model.
  • Vote Shop:
    • Added Fluence Stone.
    • Added Sol Force.
  • General Formula Balance:
    • Slightly increased attack power penalty when using Health points.
  • Disabled Enter key to accept challenges.
  • Fixed a bug when receive requests during Rolls.
  • Summons and Crystals are now disabled inside SoD.
  • Fixed Top PvP Description.
  • Changed Ranking NPC and Dungeon NPC models.
  • Fixed text cutting out on trades above 99kk.
  • Fixed game showing the wrong status bonus at character screen of Bless Castle crown buffs.
  • Scrolling added to Quest Tracker.
  • Fixed a bug related to multiple message boxes.
  • Fixed a visual bug on coin/gold challenge.
  • Screenshot info will now show up properly.
  • Fixed the distance for some buffs.
  • Fixed some problems to enhance the server performance.
  • Upgrades and fixes on link item system.
  • The price to send items via distributor is now fixed in 500K.
  • Increased numbers of quests limit to 15.
  • Damage display will appear behind all HUD.
  • Fixed a bug related to Deluxe Skin Remover.
  • Fixed a random game crash.
  • Improved game anti hacker.
  • Improved game protections.
  • Fixed dungeon chat warnings.
  • Fixed a visual bug related to atalantas evade buff.
  • Boss name added on roll dice and its chat messages.

Class Balance:

  • Assassin:
    • Can now use Claw.
    • Can now use buffs using Claw.
    • Added Assassin spec on Claws.
    • Alas: Evade reduced from 28% to 26%.
    • Blind: Movement Speed reduced from 18 to 10.
  • Archer:
    • Golden Falcon: Fixed a bug on the damage formula. Now calculate correctly based on Damage Boost.
    • Force of Nature: Area of effect increased.
    • Evasion Mastery: Evade reduced from 24% to 20%.
  • Atalanta:
    • Soul Sucker: Now works properly. HP absorb increased from 15% to 20%. (Note that this % is reduced by monster organic resistance).
    • Vengeance: Damage increased from 90% to 95%.
  • Fighter:
    • Concentration: Attack Rating increased from 160 to 200.
    • Avenging Crash: Now add 10% attack rating based on total, instead of 50% based on weapon.
    • Berserker: Attack Power reduced from 15% to 10%. Absorption debuff reduced from 15% to 5%.
    • Cyclone Strike: Damage increased from 140% to 150%.
    • Inner Soul: Now add 10% attack rating based on total instead of 30% based on weapon. Now add 10% attack rating bonus to Bone Crash. Concentration Chain increased from 50% to 100%. Critical Debuff reduced from 2% to 1% at level 10.
    • Survival Instinct: HP reduced from 16% to 12%. HP Regeneration increased from 10 to 15.
  • Knight:
    • Drastic Spirit: Now give additional absorption based on the defense gained.
    • Sword of Justice: Now Stun the enemies on the area.
    • Divine Piercing: Attack Rating increased from 30% to 40%.
    • Saint Blade: Now add 30% additional Attack Rating.
  • Magician:
    • Zenith: Now it's % based. 18%
    • Energy Shield: Damage Reduction reduced from 26% to 22%.
    • Distortion: Area reduced from 165 to 140.
    • Meteor: Damage increased from 85% to 90%.
    • Wizard Trance: Now is Wizardry Shield and add defense and block when using Staffs. 10% defense and 5% block. Now give absorption based on defense gained.
  • Mechanician:
    • Grand Smash: Attack Rating increased from 30% to 35%.
    • Compulsion is now % based. 14% Absorption.
  • Martial:
    • Can now used Shield and Claw.
    • Can now use Buffs using Claw.
    • Added Martial spec on Shields and Claws.
    • Nerver of Steel: Now give additional aborption based on the defense gained. Defense bonus don't work with shield.
    • Haunting Hawk: Damage increased from 170% to 180%.
    • Line Break: Damage reduced from 180% to 160%.
  • Pikeman:
    • Ground Pike: Now it don't remove Vanish effect anymore.
    • Charged Strike: Charging Speed increased from 60% to 65%. Don't charged damage increased from 60% to 75%.
  • Priestess:
    • Healing: Reduced time delay to heal the target.
    • Grand Healing: Reduced time delay to heal the party.
    • Consecration: Defense reduced from 22% to 12%. Now only give half of the effect when using orbs. Now give additional absorption based on the defense gained.
  • Shaman:
    • Rainmaker: Damage Reduction reduced from 30% to 25%.
    • Scratch: Damage increased from 105% to 115%. Attack Rating increased from 30% to 35%.
    • Haunt: Now absorb enemy HP properly. (Note that this % is reduced by monster organic resistance).
    • Occult Life: HP reduced from 20% to 16%.
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