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Patch 3198

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  • Reformulated Belt Upgrading System: https://forum.losttale.com/index.php?/item-upgrading/
    • New Craft Formulas. 1 Sol + 3 Ores = Upgrading Crystal.
    • Now the upgrade process is made on the inventory using the Upgrading Crystals.
    • Now works properly with Perfectized and Mixed items.
  • Clan System modified:
    • If you leave a clan by any means you will get a cooldown of 7 days to rejoin another clan.
    • The above rule does not apply to characters with level lower than 145.
    • Fixed clan disband.
  • Bless Castle:
    • PVP Score is now /2.
  • Preparations for Class Balance.
  • Internal server bug fixes.
  • Now Virtual Life items will be allowed to reactivate before timer runs out.
  • Roll Dice rework: now it should not take too long to get rolldice in Dungeons!
  • Fixed items being displayed to others when dropped by people in Dungeons.
  • Crystal Nest:
    • Crystal Nest Treasure: Chances of Skins slightly increased.
  • Ghost Castle:
    • Monsters HP slightly reduced.
  • Swamp:
    • Lizzard Commander don't use potions anymore.
  • New Item: Skin Remover Deluxe
    • When you use it you will receive the Item Skin back.
  • New Skins:
    • Draxos Sword rarely dropped by Draxos.
    • Babel Scythe rarely dropped by Babel.
  • Story Mode:
    • Warehouse Expansion #4 number of monsters reduced from 100 to 40 in Ancient Weapon.
  • Internal server improvements in the Craft System.
  • Added message to let you know which item you received in the lootboxes.
  • Added new tabs to Coin Shop to organize it better.
  • Fixed left arm Demonic Vambrace and position of Demonic sword.
  • Adapted premium expired text to fit better in chat.
  • Fixed spec of items when buying in bulk in Time/Vote Shop.
  • Added better item descriptions for the upgrading Belt System.
  • Anti Hack improvements.
  • Added a global announcement when upgrading or crafting a Belt.
  • Added global announcement when craft Boss Set 3.
  • Fixed a bug when receiving the clan login message.
  • Fixed Tribal Costume Visual on Shaman.
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