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Patch 3191

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  • Dungeons Released! https://forum.losttale.com/index.php?/dungeon-system/
    • Added Swamp.
    • Added Bee Hive dungeon.
    • Added new mode in dungeons
    • Added 3D maps with different rules than Ghost Castle.
      • No rounds, monsters are limited and will not respawn.
      • After clearing the map the boss will spawn.
      • Monsters icons and spawns locations added to the mini map.
    • Instances of Dungeons are saved after starting it, so don't fail!
    • Removed finalization of dungeon instance when a party member quits.
    • Now monsters from dungeons give a big ammount of EXP.
    • Improved monster movement to not run away as often in dungeons.
    • Added drops to 3D dungeons.
    • Added new npc Dungeon Master in Ricarten, where you can check out all dungeons available.
    • The dungeons get progressively harder and rewards get better according to the number of participants.
  • New Dungeon Map: Crystal Nest Dungeon 
    • New Boss Aragonian.
    • New monsters.
    • New Skins lines from Boss and Crystal Nest Treasure.
    • Chance of items 136 from monsters and Boss.
  • New Item: Belt Released:
    • Craft your belt to gain extra stats:
      • Extra defence, abs and extra potion in your bracelet.
      • Spec stats give you unique stats:
        • Critical Resistance: Reduces the chances of your oponent hitting a critical on you.
        • Potion Efficiency to increase your gains when using potions.
  • Improved Boss Set Effect:
    • No longer the effect's lost when you upgrade one piece of your boss set.
    • You can combine Boss Sets and will receive the lower bonus part yet.
  • Story Mode:
    • New Quest: Warehouse Expansion #4!
  • Boss Balance:
    • Yagditha:
      • Abyss Skins drop chances slightly increased.
      • Yagditha Essence drop chances slightly increased.
    • Flame Maiden: 
      • Items 128 drop chances slightly increased.
      • Items 136 drop chances slightly increased.
      • Flame Maiden Essence drop chances slightly increased.
    • AlShams and Alqamar:
      • Items 128 drop chances increased.
      • Items 136 drop chances slightly increased.
      • Added a chance of drop Silver Bar.
    • Prince Arena:
      • Prince Essence drop chances slightly increased.
  • Team Death Match Winner and Free For All Top 10:
    • Increased chance of Fluence Stone.
    • Added Skin Holder and Remover.
    • Added Capture Crystal.
  • Monsters spawned in events will have less minimum damage required to enter in the Roll System.
  • Added 10 seconds PVP cooldown timer to use cores and teleports.
  • Removed invulnerability time when using cores, teleports and doors.
  • Connections improvements.
  • New map added to Team Death Match.
  • Added double verification when throwing valuable items to field.
  • Added lock to inventory when using reset stats stone and outweighted.
  • Fixed some bugs when linking items to chat.
  • Alterered game icon.
  • Ripe Stone price reduced to 30kk on Pillai Sheltom Shop.
  • Added Copper Ore to Pillai Sheltom Shop.
  • When mega crystal event is ON the crystals and summons won't die easy to bosses.
  • Teleport party will now teleport you to the exact location of your party mate.
  • Improved server handling of damage display.
  • Removed old rewards from Ghost Castle and Fury Arena.
  • Increased minimum aging to +16 in the global alert.
  • Server Internal security buffed.
  • Fixed online reward.
  • Fixed level of entrance to Abyss at Lost Island.
  • Fixes to Time Shop and Vote Shop when delivering items.
  • Improved news system when logging in.
  • Fixed retrieving distributor items when full.
  • Improved Roll Dice messages so it won't spam your chat.
  • Preparation for more skins.
  • Added possibility of getting more than one of the same item when using lootbox.
  • Fixed a bug where some shaman buffs would not work when getting hit.
  • Fixed a bug where your game would crash when minimizing when using skills.
  • Fixed some game crashs.
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