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Patch 3182

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  • Monsters Spawns improved:
    • No more HUGE delays in large respawns.
    • Consistent respawn timers for monsters.
  • Fixed a bug related to top ranking system.
  • Fixed Shadows turning on and off on settings.
  • Classes DPS meter https://forum.losttale.com/index.php?/topic/1318-classes-dps-meter/
  • Items will show skin name while having skin.
  • Fixed a bug related to new skins on shop.
  • Skin Holder will show the name of the item that is being hold.
  • New position for the bosses on Haunted Mine.
  • Fixed texture on Xmas Vambrace.
  • Fixed mount icons wrong.
  • Improved game loading time.
  • Global warning for level up is now 140+.
  • Released Relogin BETA:
    • You can go back do login screen without closing your game!
    • To use this feature you can click in the button on the right side of the mini map.
    • This is a extremely BETA feature, it may have some problems, be aware.
  • Internal server improvements.
  • Improved game texture cache.
  • Anti Hack improvements.

Class Balance:

  • Assassin:
    • Polluted: Damage reduced from 30% to 20%.
  • Atalanta:
    • Extreme Rage: Damage increased from 230% to 240%. Area increased from 145 to 155.
    • Frost Javelin: Damage reduced from 30-40 to 30-30.
    • Vengeance: Damage reduced from 95% to 90%.
    • Poison Javelin: Damage reduced from 40% to 30%.
  • Fighter:
    • Bone Crush: Damage Boost increased from 95% to 100%. Bonus against Demon is now fixed in 50% in all levels.
  • Knight:
    • Grand Cross: Attack Rating reduced from 50% to 40%. Bonus against Undead is now fixed in 50% in all levels.
    • Holy Conviction: Now works in area skills, but only with 50% of total effect.
    • Crescent Moon: Increased area from 130 to 160.
  • Martial Artist:
    • Double Backspin Blow: Damage reduced from 90% to 65%.
  • Mechanician:
    • Magnetic Sphere attack interval increased to 2 seconds.
    • Impulsion: Target number increased from 30 to 40.
  • Priestess:
    • Healing: Now the healing is working properly based on the Attack Power.
    • Grand Healing: Now the healing is working properly based on the Attack Power.

Note that the all classes are still under testing with the new items for the whole month. More changes will be added on next updates.

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