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Patch 3179

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  • New Level Cap 150 released!
  • New Exclusive Map Haunted Mine! (150)
    • Exclusive Monsters.
    • 2 Exclusive Bosses: The brothers Alqamar and AlShams.
    • New Exclusive Items!
    • To access some parts of the map is necessary to use the wood doors on the map.
  • New items released!
    • Demonic Items (136)
  • New Hunt Map Heart of Fire:
    • New boss Flame Maiden. (Extremely rare chance to drop Demonic Items).
    • Fire Items Skins rarely dropping from monsters and Boss.
  • Socket System:
    • New Supreme Runes released! (1 Teiwaz + 3 Advanced Runes).
  • Boss Quests:
    • New Flame Maiden Hunt! (145)
  • Repeatable Quests:
    • New Heart of Fire Hunt! (145)
  • Sea of Abyss:
    • Yagditha now have a rarely chance of dropping Abyss Items Skins.
  • Relic System:
    • Fury Mane HP increased from 20 to 40.
  • Staffs and Wands now adds Spec Attack Rating and Critical. (Send us a message at support if you need to change your item).
  • Clan Members size increased to 20.
  • Added item description on the Skin Holder.
  • Internal server fixes.
  • Improved animations computation.
  • Improved Anti Hack.
  • Fixed SOD crown remove after reset.
  • Fixed draw distance setting.
  • Fixed some monsters animations bugs.
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