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Patch 3175

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  • Xmas Event is ON!
    • Exclusive Skins!
    • New Login Screen.
    • Xmas Snowy Ricarten.
    • Slain Christmas monsters to collect Christmas parts and Xmas Recipe.
    • Craft the Xmas Gift Box and exchange for nice rewards(1 Xmas Recipe + 3 of the same Xmas item)!
    • Giant Snowman Boss spawning at Ice 1 and Ice 2 at Valento spawns. (1H 13H Ice1, 8H 20H Ice 2 - Server time)
  • New EXP Maps Released:
    • Ancient Dungeon 3(130)
    • Iron Core (135)
    • Abyss of the Sea (140). New Boss Yagditha.
  • New Relic Released:
    • Yagditha spear!
    • Yagditha Soul Shard dropping from Yagditha at Abyss of the Sea.
  • Daily Quests:
    • Added Ancient Dungeon 3 Daily.
    • Added Iron Core Daily.
    • Added Abyss of the Sea Daily.
    • New Boss Quest Yagditha Hunt.
    • Mystery Desert 1 2 3 quests monsters reduced.
    • Forgetten Temple 1 2 Daily quests monsters reduced.
    • Ancient Dungeon 1 2 Daily exp increased and monster number reduced.
    • Draxos Hunt exp increased.
    • Greedy Hunt exp increased.
    • The Old Laboratory number of monsters reduced.
  • Repeatable Quests:
    • Ice Mine Hunt exp increased.
    • Secret Laboratory Hunt exp increased.
    • Ancient Weapon Hunt exp increased.
    • Ancient Weapon Treasure is now a repeatable quest. Added Yagditha Soul Shard as reward.
  • New characters now start with Exp potion 50% instead of 30%.
  • Added Mana potion on the NPCs.
  • Added Bow and Javelin to Mech on Story Mode.
  • Improvement on server performance when dealing with large crowds.
  • Fixed caravan shadows when shadows disabled.
  • Changed +24 and +23 Aging Color.
  • Improved game update of character information.
  • Removed some false positive words from curse filter.
  • Fixed mounts preview position.
  • Improved roll dice window when showing multiple rolls from multiple bosses.
  • Fixed a bug related to deleting character and quests.
  • Fixed price of class change in the coinshop.
  • Changed skin of some Ad2 and Ad3 monsters.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow players to teleport while being dead.
  • Fixed MS shield not appearning when using shield skill.
  • Fixed a rare case where the player window would get flashing colors.
  • Characters no longer get red when low life, only monsters.
  • Red effect on monster was reduced to be more suttle.
  • Fixed a bug related to Shaman and Priest spec.
  • Fixed minimum level to spectate a challenge beetween two players.
  • Preparations for New Exclusive hunt Map, Level Cap and Items!

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