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Patch 3173

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  • New Game Engine!
    • General Information:
      • Graphics improvements.
      • New monster Disolve Effect added.
      • Shader model 3.0.
      • Dynamic Shadows.
        • Change in settings to activate it.
      • Maps using shaders.
      • Added new effects for aging and mixing.
      • New effects on items on the ground.
    • Note: Your settings will be reset in this update.
    • Note: For those that do not have a integrated nor dedicated graphics card, try deactivating the hardware skinning options in settings .
    • Note: Anti Aliasing is temporarily deactivated.
    • Note: Keep in mind that some unexpected bugs can happen due to this Update, and we will solve this as fast as possible.
    • Note: Some graphic cards like old Intel HD Graphics don't work with GPU skinning (which makes the game increase FPS), so it will make just a slightly difference in performance.
    • Note: Some notebooks with NVIDIA/AMD cards have the cards not used by default, if it's your case, follow these steps.
  • New Video Settings available.
    • Shadows.
    • Lights.
    • Charactes, Weather, Ability and Monsters effects.
    • Caravans and Pets renderization.
  • New Aging Colors and Effects from +21 to +24.
  • New Bless Castle Gold and Silver Crown effect.
  • Quest System:
    • Now Solo and Party quests can be done at same time.
    • Added Orb to Shaman in the Story Mode.
  • Mount System:
    • Dismount Resist mechanics added.
    • Evade Chance formula while mounted added.
    • Mount Items preparations.
  • Skin System
    • Skin Remover now available on Coinshop and Vote Shop. (Be aware that the skin will be lost upon using it)
    • Any item of the game can now be turned into skin including defense items.
  • Added more guides on forum to help new players.
  • Remember Position will no longer work while in Bless Castle.
  • Fixed Vambrace position of left arm.
  • Fixed Siege War date/time on the settings window.
  • Fixed "Next Boss" timer on the server midnight.
  • Fixed some window titles in the wrong position.
  • Anti-Hacking System improved.

Class Improvements and Fixes:

  • Assassin:
    • Wisp: Now is affected by attack speed. Fixed a problem with animation on monsters and description.
  • Atalanta:
    • Farina: Fixed an error on skill description.
  • Knight:
    • Holy Incantation: Fixed a bug where you can capture more than one monster at same time.
  • Priestess:
    • Holy Mind: Fixed description.
  • Shaman:
    • Added level 1 Shield Phantom to be used as one hand.
    • Added spec Shaman on Orbs

For those having problems with the update, use the following link:

Manual Patch 3073

Links for our New Client Full will be released soon.

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