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Patch 3170

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  • Halloween Event is now over.
  • Sunday Siege War now is at 14PM server time. (Give us your feedback).
  • Character Selection Updated:
    • New animations added to character selection.
    • Character items are now visible on character selection.
    • Removed unecessary loadings from it.
    • New Map on character selection.
  • Vote Shop:
    • Powerups prices reduced.
    • Mini Pets prices reduced.
    • Phoenix prices recuded.
    • Sealing Compound price reduced.
    • Enchantment Seal price reduced.
    • Arcane Stone, Elder Stone, Aging Stone, Ripe Stone, Copper Ore price reduced.
    • Added more Costumes.
  • Coin Shop:
    • Sapphire price reduced.
    • Costumes price reduced.
  • Remember Last Position added to the game. (If you wish to use it check the box on the General Settings window)
  • Preparations for PVP Tokens System.
  • Boss time reworked for better Bosses distribution. https://forum.losttale.com/index.php?/topic/1259-boss-time-schedule/
  • Challenge System now support Coin Bets.
  • Changed the NPC of Skin System.
  • Added an alert when someone open Ancient Treasure Box and receive rare items.
  • Removed Costumes from FFA Winner Box.
  • Added Rebirth Scroll, Magic core and Caravan Core to the map NPCs.
  • Fixed some random crashes from game.
  • Only Legendary and Epic mounts will be announced on HUD.
  • Fixed some problems that will make server run more smoothly.

Skills fixes:

  • Archer:
    • Golden Falcon attack interval fixed.
  • Mechanician:
    • Magnetic Spheres now can be recasted.
  • Priestess:
    • Healing effect crash fixed.
    • Summon Ramiel and Muspell now can be recasted.

For those having problems with the update, use the following link:

Manual Patch 3070

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