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Patch 3150

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  • Online Rewards:
    • Added Elder Stone
    • Added Sapphire and Sapphire Force.
    • Added rare chance of Sol.
    • Increased chances of good rewards.
    • Reduced chance of forces and low sheltons.
  • Fury Arena:
    • Reduced chances of Hairstyle at King Fury.
    • Reduced chances of matures at Prince.
  • Item swap:
    • Items 126 and 128 released.
    • Now swap is limited for items in the same category.
  • Mix balance: (For those who already have mixed the items send a message at Facebook or Forum to change it).
    • Rings: Sol and Sapphire mix Hp increased.
    • Amulets: added HP to the formulas.
    • Sheltom: Sol and Sapphire Vigor mix balanced.
  • Clan members size reduced to 15 members. ( Give us your feedback).
  • Aging +24 released!
  • Preparations for new events.
  • Ancient Treasure Sol chance slightly increased.
  • PVP rank and Rewards are now based on Kills minus Deaths.
  • Improved anti-hack system.
  • Added Sapphire rare drop chance for Wanted Moriph.
  • Fixed a bug with removing the item from inventory when using item name changer.
  • Effect checked as off was improved for higher FPS. (Use it OFF for more FPS).
  • Internal server improvements.
  • Fixed swap for enchanted items.
  • Fixed evade description in "C".
  • Fixed a bug that would allow dead players to use mounts.
  • Fixed a bug that would make archers and mechanicians not see their shields.
  • Fixed a bug that would make archer bow don't glow.
  • Improved save and load of settings.
  • Fixed a rare bug when seeing too many particles.

Class Balance

  • Archer
    • Evade Shot animation speed increased and now can be used in a medium range.
  • Assassin
    • Dual Wield Mastery damage increased.
    • Soul Shock stun time increased. Now is affected by attack speed.
    • Attack Mastery weapon block rating increased.
    • Alas evade slightly increased.
    • Polluted damage reduced.
    • Ninja Shadow now is affected by attack speed.
    • Fixed a bug where skills would not reset after death.
  • Knight
    • Grand Cross animation speed increased.
    • Divine Piercing animation speed and damage increased. Now add attack rating instead of critical.
    • Saint Blade animation speed increased.
  • Fighter
    • Seismic Impact attack rating now work properly in PVE.
  • Martial
    • Strenght Mastery damage increased.
    • Typhoon Kick damage increased.
    • Attack Mastery attack rating increased.
    • Haunting Hawk damage increased.
  • Mechanician
    • Grand Smash attack rating increased.
  • Pikeman
    • Weapon Defense Mastery block increased.
    • Vanish damage reduced.
    • Venom Spear added the area in the skill description.
    • Chain Lancer damage increased.
    • Assassins Eye critical damage reduced.
    • Charged Strike damage and charge speed increased.
    • Shadow Master damage increased.
    • Last Breath damage reduced.
    • Ex Death weapon attack rating increased.
  • Shaman
    • Press Deity fixed a bug where the damage had a delay to count.


For those having problems with the update, use the following link:

Manual Patch 3150

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