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Patch 3139

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  • Game animation system optimized.
    • Upon first login your characters might be in the wrong position, don't worry. just log in again and it will be fixed.
  • Level Cap Increased to 145.
  • Enchantment System Released!
  • Mount System Released!
    • Tame wild mounts with the Capture Crystal sold on the Huntress NPC.
    • The first one to finish the tame gets the mount. (Multiple people can try at the same time)
    • Put the mouse on the mount and then click in the crystal to start the taming. (Tip: Hold 'A' to avoid selecting another monsters/characters).
    • Mounts have multiple rarities and stats.
    • Mounts with different rarities have different times to spawn and are totally random.
    • The rarer the mount more difficult to tame
    • When you are riding a mount you will have the mount speed instead of yours.
    • Press 'X' to open the Stable Window.
  • Daily Quests:
    • Added new quest Enchantment Path!
    • Added new quest The Search for Power!
    • Unlocked all quests.
  • Story Mode:
    • Added items 108+15 to level 110 quest story mode.
    • Added items 112+16 to level 115 quest story mode.
    • Added 1h weapons.
  • Repeatable Quests:
    • Added new quest Ancient Weapon Treasure!
    • New item added: Ancient Treasure Chest - Chances of Soul Shards, Enchantment Items, Items 128 126 and more.
    • CT3 ET3 quests unlocked.
    • Ice Mine quest exp increased.
    • Level max for this quests now are 139.
    • Exp slightly increased on monsters from ET1 to Ice Mine.
    • Damage slightly reduced on monster from ET2 to Ice Mine.
  • Boss Quests:
    • Exp increased.
    • Added Greedy Hunt quest!
  • Vote Shop:
    • Prices reduced in most of items.
    • Added Enchantment Stone and Enchantment Seal.
    • Added Elder Stone.
  • PVP Events:
    • New Team Deathmatch Map added.
    • New costumes added to the TDM for better team visualization.
    • Free For All time increased to 20 minutes.
  • SOD
    • Added verifications for only members of the same clan or party can enter in the room.
    • Now 6 players can participate.
  • Command "//raid" added to make it easier to join party raids.
  • Prince Arena Hairstyles removed. Added rare Sol chance.
  • Set Boss 1 effect increased.
  • Life potions healing value reduced to bring a more dinamic PVP enviroment. ( Give us your feedback).
  • Find out the latest patch notes by vising the Ran NPC in Ricarten and Pillai Town.
  • Added more triple spawns in AW for daily quest.
  • Top Level buff stats removed.
  • Anti hack system improved.
  • Crash system reverted to the old one. If you are having a crash problem please send us your .dmp file.
  • Fixed a story bug related to a quest.
  • Fixed a problem related to the teleport core.
  • Corrected message to respawn in the field.
  • Fixed a bug related to the VL visual effect.
  • Actionbar responsiveness improvements.
  • Fixed a bug that could make some texts dissappear for a limited time.
  • Fixed a typo in the seal system.
  • Fixed a bug that made the character creation screen flickering.
  • Hairstyle Preview Improved.
  • Items with discount will be easier to spot on the coinshop.
  • New Bad Language Filter system added (Beta)
    • Still in early testing.
    • You can keep it disable in the game general settings.
  • Fixed the clan names position during Bless Castle.
  • Fixed a visual problem that made some map parts dissappear prematurely.
  • Fixed some costumes skins.
  • Fixed some skill descriptions.

Class Balance

  • Archer
    • Force of Nature effect now is /4 for party members.
  • Assassin
    • Alas now is not a party buff anymore.
  • Atalanta
    • Triumph and Hall of Vahalla effect now is /4 for party members.
  • Fighter
    • Inner Soul attack rating slightly increased and now chains 50% concentration attributes.
    • Survival instinct HP potion boost reduced.
    • Swiftness attack speed now work properly when using Swords.
    • Cyclone Strike now receives Fire Weapon attack power bonus.
  • Martial Artist
    • Hard Training is not a party buff anymore.
  • Pikeman
    • Fixed a bug where Vague prevent phoenix from attack.
  • Priestess
    • Multi Spark damage slightly reduced but now add attack rating.
    • Vigor Ball attack rating increased.
    • Consecration is not a party buff anymore.
  • Shaman
    • Advent Migal effect now is /4 for party members.

For those having problems with the update, use the following link:

Manual Patch 3139

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