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Patch 3131

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  • Fixed a bug related to lock inventory option.
  • Tweaked game engine render.
  • New font render added for performance purposes.
  • Fixed a game crash related to game textures.
  • New texture handler added for performance purposes.
  • Gear updated on the character creation screen.
  • The shortkey for the coinshop is now F11.
  • Game and Server code refactoring.
  • Fixed a problem related to anti aliasing.
  • Fixed lootbox global announcement.
  • Fixed a server crash related to fury arena.
  • Action Bar Released!
    • New Skill Shortcuts added. (F1~F9 & 4~=)
    • Scroll click on action bar to remove an action.
    • Alt + 1/2/3 to navigate on action bars.
    • Skill cooldown timer is visible on actionbar.
    • Mouse Scroll can be used to navigatte on action bars.
    • Drag and drop Skills and Items into the Action Bar!
    • Conveniently add items such as Fatal Edge to use them easily!
    • Open and close it with B keyboard key!
    • Unlock it to replace it to anywhere you like and easily modify the contents!
    • Double Press Short Keys to cast targetless skills.
  • Fixed a bug related to teleport core.
  • Fixed a game crash related to clan system.
  • Removed old icons from UI (All of them are accessible on the mini map.)
  • Fixed a bug where sod could be reseted on satunday.
  • Corrected Ghost Castle text upon joining.
  • Boss HP HUD is now movable.
  • Fixed a server crash related to Ghost Castle.
  • Fixed party buffs not appearing on party window.
  • Mini Map
    • Mini map field name is now on bold font.
    • Mini map is now visible while on SoD.
    • Background image added to Mini Map.
    • Mini map is now movable with right click.
  • Teleport Core has now proper animation when used.
  • Fixed a bug related to discard items on distributor.
  • Personal Shop
    • Chat is now usable while on personal shop.
    • Item limit increased to 72.
    • Option to "View Only" added to personal shop.
    • Option to "Remember Last Price" added to personal shop.
    • Now you can "Right Click" and "Enter" to fast add items.
  • New chat font added.
  • Messages send while on PVP now appear properly on chat.
  • Ice Effect on Prince removed.
  • Fixed some bugs related to reset stones and martial artist.
  • Several game fixes to prevent unexpected crashes.
  • High model character is now always used.
  • Removed bless castle taxes.
  • Server performance overall improved.
  • Preparations for mount system.
  • Overall skill description standardization.
  • Global Warning upon failure on relic craft added.
  • Fixed a server problem related to coinshop.
  • Fixed a model error preview on coinshop.
  • Costumes won't add speed anymore on PVP situations.
  • Altered formula to calculate damage when character is running.
  • Fixed visual damage on shaman party buff.
  • Party Buffs are no longer send to members of the same class.
  • Hairs removed on TDM winners and Top 10 FFA rewards.
  • Added Assassin spec to Shields.
  • Mini Pets does not longer attack when using Vanish or Blind.
  • Tulla Coat all stats increased.
  • Fixed some dropped image items on the floor.

Class Balance

  • Archer:
    • Fixed bug related to Bomb Shot damage.
    • Fixed a bug related to Stun Arrow.
  • Martial Artist:
    • Linebreak fixed a bug where were not scaling with attack speed.
  • Assassin:
    • Fixed a bug related to Soul Shock stun time.
    • Assassin now can use Shield
    • Kiss of the Viper damage increased.
    • Shadow Storm area increased.
  • Fighter:
    • Fixed a bug related to Roar stun time.
  • Shaman:
    • Advent migal now add half attack power for party members.

For those having problems with the update, use the following link:

Manual Patch 3131

Manual Patch 3132

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