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Patch 3127

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  • Relic System added to the game.
  • Fixed evade cap.
  • Fixed a game crash related to the clan system.
  • Glow Effect can now be turned off on the settings.
  • Inventory Lock option added to the game.
  • Mini Map visual and functional Rework.
  • Fixed a bug related to the skill window.
  • Game performance improvements related to textures.
  • Preparations for Mount System.
  • Improvements on the animation system.
  • Fixed a problem with improper billing on TDM and FFA.
  • Events should now be updated properly on the game without the need to relog.
  • Bless Castle and Bellatra buffs do not work on FFA and TDM anymore.
  • Bless Castle rewards increased. (500kk, 300kk, 150kk).
  • Sod Clan Rewards increased. (300kk, 200kk, 100kk).
  • Daggers can now be put on mix npc with right click.
  • Reduced price of Exp Pot and Third Eye on Vote Shop.
  • Added Hopy Caravan to the Vote Shop.
  • Bosses HP slightly increased.
  • Fixed usage of debuffs(stun, slow) in characters with defensive buffs.
  • Fixed QuestBook scroll.
  • Removed timer from warehouse quests.
  • Fixed some quests descriptions.
  • Fixed a server crash.
  • Blocking a player now hide all his communication to you in the game. (Works for all text chat).
  • New Bless Castle Crown models added to the game(give us your feedback!).
  • "Space" Key now closes several windows for a quick closing method.
  • Added an extra TDM per day (1AM Server Time).
  • Character Target should appear behind windows.
  • Lord babel replaced  for Prince boss:
    • Changed level to participate to 130.
    • Increased difficulty.
    • Better rewards.(Rare chance of 128,126 items).
  • Fixed damage in "C" when using damage boost buffs and swaping items.
  • Poison skills now are working properly using damage boost per second.
  • Added silver effect in the +22 aging color.
  • Character bound items can no longer be stored in warehouse.
  • Runes, Relics and Martial buff stats are displayed separated from normal stats.

Class Balance

  • Archer:
    • Agility points now give less defense.
    • Perforation damage increased.
    • Phoenix Speed now only works when using two handed bow.
    • Evade Shot damage and animation speed increased.
  • Atalanta:
    • Bigger Spear damage and bonus against machines increased.
    • Twist Javelin damage and bonus against demon increased.
    • Fire Javelin damage and bonus against mutant increased.
    • Storm Javelin damage increased.
    • Lightning Javelin bonus against undead increased.
    • Extreme Rage damage increased.
    • Vengeance damage increased.
    • Amazon Rage attack speed is now % based and overall attack speed reduced.
    • Poison Javelin now scales with attack speed.
  • Martial Artist:
    • Elbow Rush and Tiger cannon descriptions fixed.
    • Typhoon Kick damage increased.
    • Haunting Hawk damage increased.
  • Shaman:
    • Dark Wave fixed a bug where the skill was using range value as area.


For those having problems with the update, use the following link:

Manual Patch 3127

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