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Patch 3123

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  • Ghost Castle now is working properly.
  • Fixed SOD Weekly rewards.
  • Anti Hack improvements.
  • Precision and Automation now add attack power properly and fixed status in the character screen.
  • Fixed a bug where were possible to combine Precision with Metal Armor, Maximize.
  • Fixed a bug where Mechanician had a delay to receive damage.
  • Soul Crystal Added to the Time Shop.
  • Fixed some skills bonus descriptions.
  • Game Formulas rebalanced.
    • Assassin, Pike and Knight receive more HP by strength point added
    • Mage, Shaman receive more HP by Spirit point added.
    • Atalanta, Auto Mech defense slightly reduced.
    • Defense per level of all classes rebalanced.
    • Auto Mech receive less HP by Agility point added.
    • Auto Mech receive less attack power by Strenght point added.
    • Spirit points now add more weight.

For those having problems with the update, use the following link:

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