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Patch 3120

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  • New PVP Event:
    • Free For All BETA (Different Rewards for Top 1, Top 10 and others).
  • New Rewards added to the Team Death Match.
    • (Different rewards for winner and loser Team).
  • Sol Sheltom is now rewarded to the best solo SOD scores of each class weekly.
  • Message added to weekly TDM score reset.
  • New Aging Colors.  (New testing colors).
  • New Mix Colors.
  • Ghost Castle Chest and Scroll of Fury now have a timer to be delivered to the NPC.
  • Fixed auto-close messages that were not auto closing.
  • Game crash related to the mini map fixed.
  • Fixed a bug related to the Magic Core.
  • Reduced monster number needed in some story mode quests.
  • Added Summer and Tribal Costume to the Coin Shop.
  • Ranking server bug fixed when there was not a top player on determined class.
  • Anti Hack improvements.
  • Fixed Wing Boots description.
  • Mega Crystal Event added to the server.
    • Crystals and Summoned Pets get stronger during this event.
  • Server Events Improvement.
    • Warning on the game HUD showing the active events.
  • Free For All Ranking added to the NPC.
  • Fixed Visual bug on Atalantas skills.
  • Team Death Match and Free For All events are now limited to one person per computer.
  • Aging and Mix colors added to armors and robes. (Can be turned off on video settings)
  • Fixed a bug where the message that the game could not connect to the server would not appear on the login screen.
  • Server Performance Improvements.
  • Bless Castle now awards 3 Crowns.
  • New Scroll Icons on windows.
  • Hall of Valhala only works for party and raid members now.
  • Backspace now hides characters names on the screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the Change Spec NPC would not keep the item sockets.
  • Boss should be unstuck more organically now.
  • Server spawn management is now better.

For those having problems with the update, use the following link:

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