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  • Time Shop

    This system was created to give players advantages just for being online.
    The players receive points based on the time they are online on the game. 
    This points can be exchanged on the Time Shop for nice rewards.

    How to get Points:

    To receive points is just necessary to stay online.
    For every minute online you receive 60 points.
    Example: 1 hour online = 3600 points.

    Spending Points:

    To spend your points you just need to find the NPC "Time Shop", that is located at Ricarten or Pillai Town.
    There's a lot of items that can be bought, like Exp Potions, Aging Stones, Costumes and much more!


    Transfering Points:

    To transfer Points between accounts you can use the command /send_timepoints quantity nickname. (Example /send_timepoints 100000 Harald).
    Every Point transfered cost 100 gold, and the the minimum amount that can be transfered is 100000 Points.