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  • Team Death Match

    This event consist in a PVP battle between Red Team and Blue Team.
    The minimum level requirement is 145, and it happens in specific days.
    You can check the schedule by talking with the designed NPC.
    To participate is very simple, you need to talk with the NPC "Mithrandir" in Ricarten.


    When you click in "Join Battle" you will be teleported to the "Team Death Match Arena"
    There's an gold fee based in your level in order to participate.
    Soon when entered in the arena, players will be in "Lobby" mode waiting for other players to enter.
    When the events starts, the players that entered in the arena will be randomly splitted in two teams.
    Every team start in one side of the map, and main objective is kill other team. 
    The team that make more points during the event wins the battle.

    Battle Modes:

    There is 3 Special Modes, where players temporarily receives a package of items to participate in the event.
    In this case everyone will fight with pre-made characters with the same equipment.
    And the Normal Mode, that players uses their own equipment.
    The Special Modes are:

    Nostalgic Mode:

    • Character Level 90.
    • Items 80+14.

    Intermediary Mode:

    • Character Level 120.
    • Items 104 + 18 + Boss Set 1.

    Full Mode:

    • Character Level 160.
    • Items 148+24 + Boss Set 3.

    Battle Rewards:

    The team that wins the battle will be rewarded with two PVP Tokens, and the loser one PVP Token.
    This tokens can be used in an Special Token Shop located in Ricarten and Pillai, to exchange for all type of rewards.
    Also there is a experience reward:

    • Winner: 100B + 10B per kill. (Max 300B + Potion bonuses)
    • Loser: 50B + 10B per kill. (Max 300B + Potion bonuses)

    Top Ranking Rewards:

    Everty month the Top 6 players of the event will be rewarded with a big ammount of PVP Tokens.
    This rewards are delivered automatically in the end of the each week, when the rank is reseted.

    • Top 1: 10 Tokens
    • Top 2: 8 Tokens
    • Top 3: 6 Tokens
    • Top 4-6: 4 Tokens

    The Team Death Match Ranking can be visualized at "Karina" in Ricarten.

    **Players that participate on the event, and stay away from the keyboard proposefully are subject to be banned from event.

    Team Death Match YouTube videos: