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  • Team Death Match

    This event consist in a PVP battle between Red Team and Blue Team.
    The minimum level requirement is 140, and it happens two times per day at 9AM and 9PM Server Time.
    To participate is very simple, you need to talk with the NPC "Mithrandir" in Ricarten.


    When you click in "Join Battle" you will be teleported to the "Team Death Match Arena"
    There's an 1kk gold fee in order to participate.
    Soon when entered in the arena, players will be in "Lobby" mode waiting for other players to enter.
    When the events starts, the players that entered in the arena will be randomly splitted in two teams.
    Every team start in one side of the map, and main objective is kill other team. 
    The team that make more points during the event wins the battle.


    There's two types of rewards, one for winner team and other for the loser.
    It consist in Loot Boxes, that you open and receive a random reward depending on the box.
    Higher boxes give better rewards.