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  • Soul Power


    • Collect Souls from monsters.
    • Upgrade your weapon by empowering the souls on it.
    • Add special visual effects on the weapon.
    • Attack your enemies to release a powerful buff.
    • Three levels of customized powers.

    Collecting Souls:

    Souls can be found by killing monsters inside dungeons or in specific maps.
    Every monster give you a guaranteed number of souls.
    The amount will be shown in the "Notice" chat box.
    To increase your soul gain you can use the Soul Potion 
    It can be found in any Shop, and add 30% extra souls for every monster killed.
    Also players using War Mode will receive 20% more souls, but use at your own risk
    To check how many souls you have, just type "/souls" in the chat.

    Party Distribution:

    If you are playing with a party, the souls will be divided by each party member.
    Also a bonus will be applied according to the number of players, like below:

    • 2 Players = 106%/2
    • 3 Players = 112%/3
    • 4 Players = 118%/4
    • 5 Players = 124%/5
    • 6 Players = 130%/6

    This means that more players in the party give you more souls.

    Soul Trading:

    To trade souls with other players is very simple.
    You just need to trade them and add the number of souls you want.  


    Souls are linked to your account like coins.

    Soul Power Process:

    After collect the necessary souls, go to Pillai and talk with Soul Master.
    When you talk with him an window will open. 
    The number of souls that you have will be shown in the chat.
    In the left side there is a slot to put your weapon, and in the right side an Special Powder.
    Also there is a box that you can add or remove souls, and the cost in gold.


    In order to start the process you will need Souls, Special Powder and Gold.
    Souls can be adquired by killing monsters, and the powders can be found at any Shop.
    There is 5 colors, and each one give a special buff to the weapon.

    itBI201.png.66a5ca1fbcef6377a15a63b1afded20a.png Red Powder: Strength buff.
    itBI202.png.12351a88eacc7a611f23133f10cf19f9.png Yellow Powder: Spirit buff.
    itBI203.png.8443b6e9e13ecf2676a76d15caffe5ef.png Green Powder: Vitality buff.
    itBI205.png.366fcffa767c7714ca806979cc96e9e5.pngBlue Powder: Agility buff.
    itBI206.png.2667e6a1377c10109f1c07b86c2c8ae7.png Purple Powder: Talent buff.

    The process is very simple, you will add your weapon on the left slot, and it will show you the chance and gold cost.
    On the right side you will add the powder of you choice.
    The third step is add souls to the process, more souls means more chances of success.


    There is 3 Soul Power Levels.
    Check the chances according to the number of Souls below:

    Soul Power Level 1:
    Minimum: 10000 Souls = 25% success rate.
    Maximum: 20000 Souls = 50% success rate.
    Soul Power Level 2:
    Minimum: 21000 Souls = 15% success rate.
    Maximum: 42000 Souls = 30% sucess rate.
    Soul Power Level 3:
    Minimum: 50000 Souls = 10% success rate.
    Maximum: 100000 Souls = 20% sucess rate.

    If you add 15000 souls in the Level 1 process, you will have 37% of chance to suceed.


    In case of success a global message will appear, and the item will look like this.


    Visual Effects:

    An empowered weapon will receive an special glowing, that create soul tracks on the map.
    The intensity of this effect is based on the Soul Power Level.



    Buffs Mechanics:

    To activate the buff of your weapon you need to hit monsters or players.
    There is 10% chance in every hit to activate it, and only single target abilities have a chance to activate.
    If you suceed a message will appear on your screen saying "Soul Power Activated".
    It will release a special buff for 40 seconds with attributes based on your powder choice.
    This buff is very powerful but have an internal cooldown, and can be activated only every 2 minutes.

    Buff Level 1: 15 Attribute, 40 Attack Rating
    Buff Level 2: 25 Attribute, 80 Attack Rating, 1% Critical.
    Buff Level 3: 40 Attribute, 160 Attack Rating, 2% Critical.