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  • Skins

    This new system was created for players be able to customize his items with any skin that they want.
    Yes! Now is possible to add exclusive skins to your items and also use old skins to bring some nostalgia!
    Imagine enjoy some PVP using old items, sounds cool right?


    • Players can customize their characters with any skin that they want including Weapons and Defense items.
    • To add a new skin to an item is necessary one Skin Holder, that can be adquired at Vote Shop and Coin Shop

    Skin Process:

    Fist step to change an item appearance, is found the item skin that you want to add to your character.
    After it you need to buy one Skin Holder, and talk with the NPC Skin Specialist at Ricarten.

    On the left side of the window you add the item skin, and on the right side the Skin Holder.
    When you click "+" the item will be consumed.

    This process costs 10kk and will add the item skin on the Skin Holder.

    Skin Holder.pngSkin System Window.pngSkin Holder 1.png

    The next step is talk one more time with Skin Specialist.
    On the left side of the window you add the item that you want to change appearance.
    And on the right the Skin Holder that is already holding one skin.


    When you click "+" the Skin Holder will be consumed, and the new skin will be added to your item.
    This proccess cost 10kk and don't have chance of failling.


    Removing Skins:

    To remove skins from the items is very simple. 
    You will need one "Skin Remover" of any type, that can be adquired at Vote Shop, Coin Shop, Treasures and Events.
    To do that you need to "Right Click" in the Remover, and "Left Click" on the skinned item that you want to clean.
    Using the Deluxe version your Item Skin will be returned to the character.
    With the normal version Item Skin will be lost during the process.


    Rare Skins List:

    Abyss: Obtained from Yagditha at Abbys of the Sea.
    Fire: Obtained at Heart of Fire monsters and Boss. Also rare chances at "Heart of Fire Treasure"(Quest).
    Quartz and Turquoise: Obtained from Aragonian at Crystal Nest. Also rare chances at "Crystal Nest Treasure".
    Haunted: Obtained at Haunted Mine monsters and Boss.
    Morion: Obtained from Midranda at Raided Pillai. Also rare chances at "Morion Treasure".
    Poseidon: Obtained at Vote Shop.
    Mecha: Obtained at Coin Shop.
    Angelic: Obtained at Token Shop.
    Dragon's Eye: Obtained from "Dargoth Treasure".
    Flame and Verus: Obtained from Midranda Specter at Bless Castle.
    Lunar: Obtained at Coin Shop.
    Diabolic: Obtained at Coin Shop.
    Celestial: Obtained from Midranda Celestial. (Bless Castle Winners)
    DireWolf: Obtained at Lottery.
    Anubis: Obtained at Lottery.
    Eternal Wing: Obtained from Vote Shop.
    Infernal: Obtained from "Lava Treasure".
    Frozen Dragon: Obtained from FFA. (Winner Box)
    Balrus: Obtained from Balrus. (Bless Castle Winners)

    Skins YouTube video guides: