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  • Sheltom Cloning means converting 3 lower sheltoms into a higher sheltom. It is a simple process explained below.

    There is a chance the process fails and you lose all the sheltons and gold.

    Combination   Result
    1 Mirage   + 3 Celestos 2 Mirages
    1 Inferna   + 3 Mirages 2 Infernas
    1 Enigma   + 3 Infernas 2 Enigmas
    1 Bellum    + 3 Enigmas 2 Bellums
    1 Oredo      + 3 Bellums 2 Oredos
    1 Sapphire + 3 Oredos 2 Sapphires

    Visit Master Shalon, who is located in Ricarten Town, to make use of the Sheltom Cloning process:

    Sheltom Cloning

    Simply place the sheltom you want to clone on the left window and the 3 other sheltoms required to complete the procedure on the right and press the + button.

    Note: Although the process clones the sheltom, it does not clone their stats, even the original sheltom will be randomized.