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  • 1. Real Money Trading - Do not sell/buy/trade LostTale content for real currencies
    It is strictly forbidden to sell in-game property or anything else related to LostTale for real currencies or trade it for content from other PT servers. You may only sell LostTale content for in-game gold or coins or trade it for other LostTale content. Also, trading of LostTale content (such as accounts, items and experience service) outside LostTale (game or forum) is strictly forbidden and may lead to punishment. 
    Advertising the intent to or commit the act of buying or selling game content for real money around the donation-system, will lead to punishment.

    2. Respect - Respect other users
    You must respect others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. To this end, you may not harass, defraud, threaten, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players. All players should stay as polite as possible - immatureness and childish behavior can lead to punishment. Bad language toward other gamer by any method is forbidden and will result in punishment on your account. 
    3. Impersonating staff - Do not impersonate the staff
    Never impersonate any staff member or pretend to be part of the staff yourself with the intent of deceiving other people. Breaking this rule can lead to a permanent ban.

    4. Trade Chat - Do not spam the Trade Chat
    When using the Trade Chat, avoid spamming it or using it for unrelated chitchat as it can lead to punishment if done repeatedly and caught by a staff member in-game.

    5. Cheating - Do not make use of anything illegal to gain advantages
    You must not use any unauthorized third party software that directly or indirectly interferes with the intended gameplay. To this extent, you may not make use of any automated software, including but not limited to bots, Autoclickers, Macros and related software.
    You must not modify any part of the LostTale client in order to gain advantages. 
    Any unauthorized actions that modify, damage, cause downtime, attack or otherwise alter the server are not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.

    6. Bug Abuse - Do not abuse bugs to gain advantages
    You must not make use of a game bug to gain unfair advantages. However, if you abuse a game bug by accident then you are duty-bound to report it immediately on our forums.

    7. Scamming - Do not scam other players
    You must not deceive other players with false promises with the intent to get their items, account infomation or anything  for that matter. Breaking this rule can result in complete exclusion from the game.

    8. Kill Stealing (KS) - Do not KS other players
    KSing is an offense and may lead to punishment (this rule doesn't apply to boss monsters). 
    It is up to users to prove their right to a spawn, it is assumed to be no one's until proven otherwise. If a user(s) cannot prove the spawn was free of other user(s) before fighting in a spawn, their portion of the case is dismissed. If both the offending and defending parties cannot prove this, the entire case is dismissed. If a user is not responding for 15 minutes or greater, they are considered not to be present and the spawn is thus free of their claim to it [their character alone does not make them present in a spawn]. Additionally, 1 person cannot claim the whole main HS in hunting maps, the spawn will become available to other people after 15 minutes. Proving this is entirely up to the user, and intervals of less than 15 minutes of no response will not be considered and in this situation they can be reported for ksing themselves with an ensuing punishment. Should a user become present again by response or action who was previously not, they are considered the kser if they were proven not to be considered present for at least 15 minutes and will be given appropriate punishment.

    9. Advertising - Do not promote or advertise in-game
    Do not promote your cellphone number, nor address, nor websites or other games.