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  • 1. Respect - Respect other users

    You must respect others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. With this you must not disturb, defraud, humiliate, threaten, or cause any type of stress and unwanted attention to other players. All players must be as polite as possible, immaturity and childish behavior can lead to punishment.
    Using any kind of bad language toward others intentionally, can lead to punishment if the staff consider that it is disrespectful.

    2. Real Money Trading – Do not buy or sell Lost Tale related content for Real Money

    Participation in real money trading means you accept all of the responsibility and risk associated with it.
    If you partake in real money trading you will not receive support from the Staff if you lose your account or items.
    Also is prohibited to do this type of negotiation inside the game or in any channel related to it, this can lead in account punishment.

    3. Impersonating Staff - Do not impersonate a Staff Member

    Never impersonate any member of the Staff or pretend to be a member of it to take advantage of other players.
    Breaking this rule can lead to a permanent ban.

    4. Cheating - Do not make use of illegal programs

    You must not use any unauthorized third party software that directly interferes with the game. To this extent, you may not make use of any automated software, including bots, cheats or other software that interacts with the game. You are not allowed to use any hacking or cheating software that modifies any function of the Lost Tale software.
    Any unauthorized software that alter the game are not allowed, and can result in a permanent ban.

    5. Bug Abuse - Do not abuse bugs or exploits to gain advantages

    You must not make use of game bugs or exploits to gain advantages. However, if you do it accidently immediately report it at our Forum or Facebook.

     6. Scamming - Do not scam other players

    You must not deceive other players with the intent to get advantages, their items, account infomation or anything for that matter. This type of behavior can lead in punishment.

    7. Kill Stealing (KS) - Do not KS other players

    Kill Stealing is forbidden and can lead to punishment (this rule does not apply to Bosses and have some exceptions in Warmode).
    This include pick up items from spawns that is not yours.
    It is up to the players to prove with clearly evidences their right to a spawn, if it can not be proved the case will be disconsidered. If the player is not responsive or away from keyboard for more than 5 minutes,  the spawn will become available to other players.

    8. Advertising - Do not promote or advertise in-game

    Do not promote any type of content not related to Lost Tale.