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  • Relics

    This system consists in create Bosses Relics through the Craft System. Each Relic has different effects and additionals on the character.


    • To create the Relic it takes one Relic Recipe and three Boss Soul Shards.
    • The Relic is created in the craft NPC in Ricarten, with low chances of success.
    • In case of success, the Relic is sent directly to your inventory and has to be activated by putting it on the designed slot.
    • Soul Shards have a good chance of being dropped from Bosses.
    • Recipes can be dropped from minor Bosses, monsters in Secret Laboratory, Ancient Weapon, Heart of Fire and Haunted Mine.
    • Crafted Relics are character bound.

    Creating Relics:

    The first step to create a Relic is get three Boss Soul Shards and one Relic Recipe.


    After it you need to go to Ricarten and talk with Master Shalon, and create it using the Craft System.
    When crafted sucessfully, there will be a global warning letting all players online know that you succeded. 
    In case of failling all the items and gold are lost.


    To open the inventory of Relics it is necessary to click on the new icon added in the inventory, or use the key "F".