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  • Quest Book

    The Quest Book is a new feature added to Lost Tale to help players to progress faster.
    This bring exclusively quests for a awesome game experience.
    To open it you need to press "Q".


    To start a quest you just need to click on Take Quest.
    When you take a quest it will appear on the current quests window.
    To complete a quest you just need to open the Quest Book and click in Finish.
    The rewards will be automatically sended to your Distributor.


    Story Mode:

    This quests are the base of the game, and tell some of the game Story.
    They follow an quest line that need to be completed in order to advance.
    They will give you Exp, gold and equipments.
    All the items from this quests need to be received at Item Distributor. You can easily access it by pressing "F11".
    Quests of this type will be marked with an "!", on the designed NPCS that you need to talk.


    Repeatable Quests:

    This quests can be done as many times as you want.
    There are two types of Repeatable Quests, Solo and Party.
    Solo quests can be only completed by killing mosnters by your own.
    While Party quests count for all players in the party, but the monsters number needed is higher.
    Note that you can complete Solo and Party quests at same time.

    Daily and Boss Quests:

    This quests can be done one time per day each, they give a lot of Exp.
    Here we have two modes too, Solo and Party. It works exactly at the same way of Repeatable Quests.
    Note that in order to complete Boss Quests, is necessary to give the minimum damage of 2%.