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  1. Harald

    Monsters Exp improved!

    Maps improved: Cursed Temple 3 monsters exp increased. Endless Tower 3 monsters exp increased. Ice Mine monsters exp increased. Secret Laboratory monsters exp increased. Ancient Weapon monsters exp increased.
  2. Harald

    Christmas Coin Shop Discounts!

    During Christmas Event our Coin Shop will have 20% Discount on all items! Don't waste the opportunity! Enjoy Lost Tale!
  3. For the whole week we will have a Double Exp Event and much other events! Also a lot of discounts in our Coin Shop. Check our promotions and events schedule for the week!
  4. Harald

    New Solo and Clan Migrations!

    Hello warriors, for a determined period you will be able to make an exclusive migration for our server! To do this is very simple, and not necessary to send any type of information from other servers. Our server is full of new exclusive features made especially for you! Don't waste this opportunity to start equipped, with aged socketed items and active premiuns. It's your time to start a new journey and prove that you are the strongest warrior! These are the prerequisites: Account and character created in our server. The Solo migration consist in: Character level 125. Weapon and Armor 114+16 perfect socketed with HP runes. Set 114+16 perfect. Rings and Amulets 114 perfect. Earrings 7 days. 1 Random common mount. 20kk Gold. Active premiuns and caravan 24 hours. The Clan migration consist in: In case of clan migrations the package will be combined in the Facebook depending on number of players. To migrate you must send the following information via Facebook. Account and character name. Number of members and clan name. (In case of clan migration). Then, the server administration will analyse your request and migrate in 24 to 48 hours, depending on the volume of requests. Portuguese Version: Olá guerreiros, por um tempo limitado você poderá fazer uma migração exclusiva para o nosso servidor! Para fazer isso é bem simples, e não é necessário passar nenhum tipo de informação de outros servidores. Nosso servidor é cheio de novidades exclusivas feitas especialmente para você! Não perca a oportunidade de iniciar bem equipado, com items aging e socket e premiuns ativos. É sua vez de iniciar sua jornada e provar que você é o guerreiro mais forte! Esses são os pré requisitos: Conta e personagem criados em nosso servidor. A migração Solo consiste em: Personagem level 125. Arma e Armadura 114+16 perfeitos com sockets e runas de HP. Set 114+16 perfeito. Anéis e Amuleto 114 perfeitos. Brincos 7 dias. 1 Montaria comum aleatória. 20kk Ouro. Premiuns ativos e caravana 24 horas. Para migrar você precisa enviar uma mensagem com as seguintes informações via Facebook. Conta e nome do personagem. Quantidade de membros e nome do clan. (Em caso de migração clan). Então, a administração do servidor irá avaliar e migrar dentro de 24 à 48 horas, dependendo do volume de migrações.
  5. Harald

    Vote Shop improvements!

    Vote Shop Improvements! All prices reduced! Power Up: Hunt Power 8h added. Dion Power 8h added. Migal Might 8h added. Amplifier of HP 8h added. Amplifier of MP 8h added. Amplifier of STM 8h added. Wing Boots 8h added. Age/Mix Arcane Stone added. Added new tabs: Phoenix. Mini-Pet. By Voting you help the server grow up, and you receive "Points" to exchange for nice rewards! Check the Vote Shop NPC. Thanks for the Support! Enjoy Lost Tale!
  6. Harald

    Patch 3155

    Drop rate rebalanced. Increased Sapphire drop chance at Secret Laboratory and Ancient Weapon. Increased Sol drop chance at Ancient Weapon. Drastically increased Sol chance from Ancient Weapon Treasure. Slightly increased drop chance of items 128 and 126 from Ancient Weapon Treasure. Slightly increased drop chance of items 128 and 126 in Ancient Weapon. Increased Sol chance at Prince. Sapphire drop chances slightly increased from Wanted Moriph. Sapphire drop chance increased from bosses. Added Sol chance to Draxos. Increased Sol chance from Greedy. Increased drop chance of items 128 and 126 from Greedy. Increased drop chance of Crystal Fragment at Ancient Weapon. Anti Hack improvements. Fixed some crash errors. Fixed a bug related to Magnetic Spheres.
  7. Harald

    Patch 3147

    Added party repeatable quest in AW. Added party repeatable quest in SL. Boss quests now are based in the damage given. Limit of quests increased to 10. Reduced monsters requirements in some daily quests. Ancient Treasure now is daily. Reduced defense, attack rating and damage from monsters in AW to make it better for meeles. Draxos and Greedy defense slightly reduced to make easier for participate in the rolls. Reduced chances of Matures Stones and Sheltons at Ghost Castle, TDM, FFA and Fury Arena. Added Capture Crystal to Daily Rewards and Online Rewards. Enchantment Seal Price reduced at Vote Shop. Fixed a bug related to Enchantment and Ghost Castle Window. Fixed a bug related to the Mounts and Action Bar. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Manual Patch 3147
  8. Harald

    Patch 3145

    Daily Quests: Added new quest: The Old Laboratory! Repeatable Quests: Ancient Treasure now is a solo quest, numbers of monster needed reduced. Added solo quest to Ancient Weapon. Solo repeatables monsters number reduced. Fighter: Survival Instinct Hp Potion Boost increased.
  9. Harald

    Patch 3123

    Ghost Castle now is working properly. Fixed SOD Weekly rewards. Anti Hack improvements. Precision and Automation now add attack power properly and fixed status in the character screen. Fixed a bug where were possible to combine Precision with Metal Armor, Maximize. Fixed a bug where Mechanician had a delay to receive damage. Soul Crystal Added to the Time Shop. Fixed some skills bonus descriptions. Game Formulas rebalanced. Assassin, Pike and Knight receive more HP by strength point added Mage, Shaman receive more HP by Spirit point added. Atalanta, Auto Mech defense slightly reduced. Defense per level of all classes rebalanced. Auto Mech receive less HP by Agility point added. Auto Mech receive less attack power by Strenght point added. Spirit points now add more weight. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Manual Patch 3123