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  1. Harald

    Level Cap 156.

    Hello warriors! As you know we have many players 155, with that we noticed that many after reach 155 end up unmotivated to play. This is not the first that time that we face this problem. And only Boss items, Relics and PVP are not enough to bring back this motivation. With that the team has been discussing solutions for this problem. We found that a good solution for that is open one more level but with some limitations. This means level cap 156 but with specific rules: *Exp from level 155 to level 156 can be only obtained through monsters in Haunted Mine. *Exp very hard. *Exp from Quests will be disabled for players 155. *Players will compete with each other for top level according to %. *In addition we will bring a new Farm Based System, where players are able to upgrade their items at end game levels. How this are big changes, we want the feedback from the community. We opened this vote to have their opinion: Your opinion is welcome. Thanks.
  2. Harald

    Patch 3235

    NPCS: New NPC: Mount Trainer! Practice your taming at a low gold cost. NPC can be found in Pillai and Ricarten near Huntress. Realocated some NPCs for easier visualization. Added Dungeon and Fury Arena NPCs in Pillai. Events: Quest Exp Event: Additional exp increased from 10% to 15%. Extra Gold Event: Drop Gold bonus increased from 50% to 100%. Daily Quests: New Quest: Team Death Match! PVP Events: Team Death Match added back to the game.(FFA and TDM will vary every week). TDM Tokens Rewards: Winner 2 Tokens. Loser 1 Token. Weekly rewards are the same as Free For All. PVP Ranks: Death Points increased from 5 to 10 points per death. Battle Points bonus and penaltys according to level: +5 to +10 levels than enemy = 50% penalty. +11 to +15 levels than enemy = 90% penalty. +16 levels than enemy = 100% penalty. -1 to -3 levels than enemy = 10% bonus. -4 to -7 levels than enemy = 20% bonus. -8 to -10 levels than enemy = 30% bonus. -11 levels than enemy = 50% bonus. PVP King killed = 50% bonus. Survive or Die: Monsters Attack Power and Attack Rating reduced in 10% at round 8. Now you can automatically dismount the character using a buff. Fixed crashs related to render. Improved some skills descriptions. Fixed a bug where item list was not showing correct stats requirements. Some Bosses resized for better visualization. Fixed a bug related to cancel buffs. Ancient Weapon and Ghost Castle music added. Fixed item "no-image" bug right click related. Added tooltip showing how much stats you need when wearing a item that you don't have enough stats to use. Fixed a bug on settings no music/no sound effects. On relogin feature actionbar will not reset to the original place. Fixed a bug related to force images on relogin. Warning added to skin holder when using item with mix or aging to avoid accidents. Fixed some bugs on account creation. Security improvements. Fixed a bug where sometimes monsters get top buffs. Class Balance: Archer: Golden Falcon: Fixed an error where was not calculating the HP Regen properly. Assassin: Soul Shock: Area reduced from 120 to 80. Area is now fixed in all levels. Fighter: Raving: Cooldown removed. Impact: Fixed an attack rating error. Cooldown removed. Triple Impact: Cooldown removed. Rage Of Zecram: Now second hit works in area properly. Damage increased from 120% to 150%. Area increased to 120 at level 10. Cyclone Strike: Now give single hit to the main target. Damage increased from 150% to 160%. Survival Instinct: Fixed an error where was not calculating the HP Regen properly. Knight: Sworf of Justice: Duration reduced from 15 to 12 seconds. Area reduced from 175 to 140 and now only affect an linear area. Magician: Burning Soul: Damage increased from 170% to 180%. Attack Rating increased from 30% to 40%. Cooldown recuded from 17.5 to 15 seconds. Mechanician: Mechanic Bomb: Duration reduced from 15 to 12 seconds. Area reduced from 145 to 50. Area is now fixed in all levels. Metal Armor: Now works with shield but effect is half. Compulsion: Fixed a bug where was not taking in consideration Metal Armor Absorption Chain to calculate final absorption. Hypersonic: Fixed a bug where attack speed could work with Bow and Javelin. Trine Shield: Fixed a bug where was not taking in consideration Metal Armor Absorption Chain to calculate final absorption. Martial Artist: Tiger Cannon: Now is a single target skill. Priestess: Regen Field: Fixed a bug where was not calculating the HP Regen properly.
  3. Harald

    Patch 3212

    Personal Store: Now items go directly to the inventory instead of distributor to make it more confortable. Added option to sell Diamond Bar and Adamantium Bar for coins. Added option to sell Yagditha Soul Shard for coins. Fixed a error where was not possible to sell Recipes, Skin Holder/Remover. Coin Shop: Change Name: Fixed a bug where was not possible to use the text box. Increased number of characters allowed. Now is possible to rename Belts. Added confirmation box to add mounts to the stable. Fixed some Shield positions to look better on characters model. Fixed Abyss Hammer model. Fixed some game crashes.
  4. Harald

    Patch 3206

    Preparations for New Dungeon: Sanctuary of Darkness! Preparations for PVP Tokens System and New Skins. Reduced prices of Poseidon and 4Fun Skins at Vote Shop. Reduced prices of One Hand and 4Fun Skins at Coin Shop. Added Global alert when someone drops 136 items. Fixed Bless Castle messages. Fixed Bless Castle buffs descriptions. Fixed a Distributor bug when overweighted. Fixed a bug with caravan name. Fixed a bug where it was not possible to put Demonic Armor and Robe at Personal Shop. Improved Anti Hack. Fixed some Dungeons errors. Fixed some game crashs.
  5. Harald

    Easter Event!

    Easter Rabie Event: Easter Rabies spawning in all maps, dropping Eggs and Empty treasures. Collect Eggs to craft at Master Shalon in Bunny Treasures to exchange for nice rewards. Rare chances of Poseidon and Fun Skins, also other valuable premium items including Fluence Stone and Mega Exp Potion! Craft Recipe: 1 Mystery Empty Treasure + 3 Eggs of same type = Mystery Bunny Treasure. Evil Rabie Boss spawning every 6 hours in Valley of Tranquility with nice rewards. (Location marked on the minimap). Evil Rabie invasions: Bad Rabies spawning in Ice Mine, Endless Tower 3 and Cursed Temple 3. The invasions are announced on the global warning with the specific map. It have an determined duration that is showed on the event calendar. This bad Rabies don't drop eggs or treasures but gives a lot of Experience! Must kill them all! Discounts in all Coin Shop Tabs during the holidays. Enjoy!
  6. Harald

    Clan Member size.

    Hello warriors! As you know the server population increased on the last weeks. And the Clan Member size now is limited to 20 players, which can be not enough. I created this Vote Poll to get your opinion about that. Increase Clan Number size? Note that the changes will be only made for the next week. Your opinion are welcome. Thanks!
  7. Harald

    Area Skill Balance update.

    Archer: Frost Rain: Damage increased from 105% to 110%. Area reduced to 170. Perforation: Damage increased from 105% to 110%. Fighter: Cyclone Strike: Damage increased from 110% to 140%. Mechanician: Impulsion: Damage increased from 130% to 180% Spark: Damage increased from 140% to 150%.
  8. Harald

    Bless Castle New Configuration.

    Bless Castle New Configuration: Castle Door HP increased from 2M to 2.6M. ABS increased from 93% to 95%. Towers HP increased from 200K to 400K. Valhalla HP increased from 2M to 2.6M. Damage and Area increased. Fire Tower damage increased. Ricarten Militia damage greatly increased. HP increased. Ricarten Guard damage greatly increased. HP increased. Royal Bless Guard damage greatly increased. HP increased.
  9. Harald

    Bless Castle Defenses Balance.

    Hello Warriors! We have been analysing and watching last Siege War events. And we conclude that the defenses are not more compatible with the number of players and new level cap and new equipments. Which makes it indefensible for the Castle owners. I created this Vote Poll to get your opinion about that. Increase Absorption and HP of towers to make it more defensible or not? Note that this changes will be only made for the event of 02/21/2021, and the Crown will be reseted for all clans attack. Your opinion are welcome! Thanks!
  10. Harald

    Patch 3190

    Changes in WarMode: Added 'K' as a shortcut to Time delay between activations is now 1 minute. Added message showing how much time left to be able to activate it after you try to. Changed game icons. Added internal server security measures. Anti Hack improvements. Fixed online reward problem Fixed some game crashes.
  11. Harald

    New Migrations Available!

    Hello warriors, for a determined period you will be able to make an exclusive migration for our server! To do this is very simple, and not necessary to send any type of information from other servers. Our server is full of new exclusive features made especially for you! Don't waste this opportunity to start equipped, with aged socketed items and active premiuns. It's your time to start a new journey and prove that you are the strongest warrior! These are the prerequisites: Account and character created in our server. The Migration consist in: Character Level 130. Weapon and Armor 118+16 perfect socketed with HP runes. Set 118+16 perfect. Rings and Amulets 114 perfect. Earrings 7 days. 1 Random common mount. 20kk Gold. Mega Exp Potion 50% and premiuns and caravan for 24 hours. To migrate you must send the following information via Facebook. Account and Character Nickname. Number of members and clan name. (In case of clan migration). Then, the server administration will analyse your request and migrate within 24 hours, depending on the volume of requests. Portuguese Version: Olá guerreiros, por um tempo limitado você poderá fazer uma migração exclusiva para o nosso servidor! Para fazer isso é bem simples, e não é necessário passar nenhum tipo de informação de outros servidores. Nosso servidor é cheio de novidades exclusivas feitas especialmente para você! Não perca a oportunidade de iniciar bem equipado, com items aging e socket e premiuns ativos. É sua vez de iniciar sua jornada e provar que você é o guerreiro mais forte! Esses são os pré requisitos: Conta e personagem criados em nosso servidor. A Migração consiste em: Personagem Level 130. Arma e Armadura 118+16 perfeitos com sockets e runas de HP. Set 118+16 perfeito. Anéis e Amuleto 114 perfeitos. Brincos 7 dias. 1 Montaria comum aleatória. 20kk Ouro. Mega Exp Pot 50% e premiuns e caravana por 24 horas. Para migrar você precisa enviar uma mensagem com as seguintes informações via Facebook. Conta e Nome do Personagem. Quantidade de membros e nome do clan. (Em caso de migração clan). Então, a administração do servidor irá avaliar e migrar em até 24 horas, dependendo do volume de migrações.
  12. Harald

    Monsters Exp improved!

    Maps improved: Cursed Temple 3 monsters exp increased. Endless Tower 3 monsters exp increased. Ice Mine monsters exp increased. Secret Laboratory monsters exp increased. Ancient Weapon monsters exp increased.
  13. Harald

    Christmas Coin Shop Discounts!

    During Christmas Event our Coin Shop will have 20% Discount on all items! Don't waste the opportunity! Enjoy Lost Tale!
  14. For the whole week we will have a Double Exp Event and much other events! Also a lot of discounts in our Coin Shop. Check our promotions and events schedule for the week!
  15. Harald

    Vote Shop improvements!

    Vote Shop Improvements! All prices reduced! Power Up: Hunt Power 8h added. Dion Power 8h added. Migal Might 8h added. Amplifier of HP 8h added. Amplifier of MP 8h added. Amplifier of STM 8h added. Wing Boots 8h added. Age/Mix Arcane Stone added. Added new tabs: Phoenix. Mini-Pet. By Voting you help the server grow up, and you receive "Points" to exchange for nice rewards! Check the Vote Shop NPC. Thanks for the Support! Enjoy Lost Tale!