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  1. Ragnar

    Patch 3227

    Mounts: Now Mount receives bonus or penaltys in stats depending on type.(Soon it will be update in our guides) Quest Book improvements: Text name will update instantly on taking and finishing quests on Quest Book window. Changed some fonts for better visualization. Now Attack Speed is calculated much more accurated. Atack Speed now scale properly according to decimal numbers. Complete info added to character screen. Potions are now allowed on Warehouse and Caravans. Bound items now worth 0 gold when sold. Fixed warning when droping Sol on the ground. Now Skills and Summons can be cancelled with right click at Skill icon. Summon Scroll will now show properly the boss name on personal stores. Fixed some game crashes. Characters now show the correct crown tier on character creation. Fixed some bugs related to trade system. Fixed a bug related to anti afk system on free for all event. Minimum damage given to finish Boss quests reduced from 2% to 1%. Trade, party and challenge requests are now disabled while taming a mount. Fixed a bug in the Swap System. Fixed some bugs from Shared Password. Shared password system now also consider personal stores on the options. Fixed mix colors on character selection screen. Fixed a bug that allowed characters to remove items from warehouse with a full inventory. Fixed some bugs on actionbar time counter. Top Level and PVP players can visually hide their buffs on quick settings on the mini map. Removed Sol alerts from Boxes. Added some improvements in dungeons spawns to avoid monsters to get stucked. Anti Hack improvements. Fixed an inventory weight error. Class Balance: Assassin: Alas: Evade reduced from 24% to 23%. Soul Shock: Duration reduced from 15 to 12. Blind: Cooldown increased from 15 to 17.5. Atalanta: Farina: Damage increased from 120% to 135%. Bonus against normal increased from 20% to 50%. Bigger Spear: Damage increased from 145% to 150%. Twist Javelin: Damage increased from 140% to 150%. Attack rating reduced from 30% to 10%. Soul Sucker: Fixed an error where skill does not work properly. Fighter: Raving: Damage increased from 100% to 160%. HP drain increased from 4% to 5%. Impact: Damage increased from 75% to 90%. Attack Rating increased from 200 to 500. Triple Impact: Damage increased from 70% to 80%. Brutal Swing: Damage increased from 120% to 150%. Knight: Sword Blast: Damage increased from 60% to 150%. Double Crash: Damage increased from 90% to 100%. Piercing: Damage increased from 150% to 220%. Now give 30% bonus against mutants. Drastic Spirit: Defense reduced from 22% to 18%. Holy Incantation: Now can be canceled by right click the Skill Icon. Holy Conviction: Now add Attack Speed % instead of PVE damage. Attack Speed % only works for the Knight. Chain bonus against undead is still applied. Magician: Fire Bolt: Damage increased from 120% to 150%. Now give 50% bonus damage against Mutants. Fire Ball: Damage increased from 75% to 95%. Watornado: Damage increased from 150% to 210%. Area increased from 90 to 100. Death Ray: Attack Rating Boost reduced from 50% to 40%. Dancing Sword: Now is affected properly by Spirit Elemental. New Skill: Burning Soul! Martial Artist: Hyper Punch: Damage increased from 138% to 150%. Now give 30% bonus damage against Machines. Twister Kick: Damage increased from 130% to 155%. Leap Smash: Damage increased from 140% to 170%. Now give 50% bonus damage against Demons. Mechanician: Extreme Shield: Block reduced from 15% to 12%. Maximize: Now can be used simultaneously with Metal Armor, but works only with two handed Weapons. Damage Boost reduced from 15% to 12%. Metal Armor: Now can be used simultaneously with Maximize, but don't works when using shield anymore. Armor Defense Boost increased from 80% to 90%. Grand Smash: Attack Rating reduced from 35% to 30%. Hypersonic: Now works properly with decimal numbers and character attack faster. Trine Shield: Now works when using Two Handed Weapons and is based above the total character stats instead of only Shield. Defense Boost reduced from 25% to 10%. Absorption Boost reduced from 50% to 5%. Priestess Vigor Ball: Animation Speed increased. Attack Rating reduced from 50% to 40%. Extinction: Increased Chance of Sucess by 4%. Summon Muspell: Evade reduced from 15% to 12%. Chain Lightning: Damage increased from 100% to 120%. Consecration: Now only works when using Staffs. Pikeman: Tornado: Damage increased from 70% to 75%. Expansion: Damage increased from 180% to 280%. Vague: Evade increased from 22% to 23%. Shadow Master: Damage increased from 95% to 100%. Shaman: Dark Bolt: Damage increased from 110% to 150%. Now give 30% bonus damage against Normal monsters. Dark Wave: Damage increased from 75% to 95%. Spiritual Flare: Damage increased from 150% to 235%. Phantom Nail: Damage reduced from 190% to 170%. Area increased from 145 to 150.
  2. Ragnar

    Patch 3203

    Easter Rabie Event: Easter Rabies spawning in all maps, dropping Eggs and Empty treasures. Collect Eggs to craft at Master Shalon in Bunny Treasures to exchange for nice rewards. Rare chances of Poseidon and Fun Skins, also other valuable premium items including Fluence Stone and Mega Exp Potion! Craft Recipe: 1 Mystery Empty Treasure + 3 Eggs of same type = Mystery Bunny Treasure. Evil Rabie Boss spawning every 6 hours in Valley of Tranquility with nice rewards. (Location marked on the minimap). Evil Rabie invasions: Bad Rabies spawning in Ice Mine, Endless Tower 3 and Cursed Temple 3. The invasions are announced on the global warning with the specific map. It have an determined duration that is showed on the event calendar as a Monster Event. This bad Rabies don't drop eggs or treasures but gives a lot of Experience! Must kill them all! Fixed claw position in martial when using T. Fixed some skins models. Fixed bug where taking screenshots would freeze the game. Added beginning of a system to change game font via settings. Implemented new automatic events for invasions. Added shield to martial migration. Fixed some skin positions and size. Slightly reduced monsters organic resistance. Coin Shop: Fixed mecha Sword 2h/1h. Fixed Mecha Vambrace. Vote Shop: Fixed Poseidon Sword 1h. Time Shop: Added Caravan Hopy 8h Class Changes: Assassin: Wisp: Duration increased from 30 to 35. Fixed animation. (Note that this duration is affected by monsters organic resistance). Priestess: Holy Mind: Duration increased from 30 to 35. Fixed animation. (Note that this duration is affected by monsters organic resistance).
  3. Ragnar

    Patch 3198

    Reformulated Belt Upgrading System: https://forum.losttale.com/index.php?/item-upgrading/ New Craft Formulas. 1 Sol + 3 Ores = Upgrading Crystal. Now the upgrade process is made on the inventory using the Upgrading Crystals. Now works properly with Perfectized and Mixed items. Clan System modified: If you leave a clan by any means you will get a cooldown of 7 days to rejoin another clan. The above rule does not apply to characters with level lower than 145. Fixed clan disband. Bless Castle: PVP Score is now /2. Preparations for Class Balance. Internal server bug fixes. Now Virtual Life items will be allowed to reactivate before timer runs out. Roll Dice rework: now it should not take too long to get rolldice in Dungeons! Fixed items being displayed to others when dropped by people in Dungeons. Crystal Nest: Crystal Nest Treasure: Chances of Skins slightly increased. Ghost Castle: Monsters HP slightly reduced. Swamp: Lizzard Commander don't use potions anymore. New Item: Skin Remover Deluxe When you use it you will receive the Item Skin back. New Skins: Draxos Sword rarely dropped by Draxos. Babel Scythe rarely dropped by Babel. Story Mode: Warehouse Expansion #4 number of monsters reduced from 100 to 40 in Ancient Weapon. Internal server improvements in the Craft System. Added message to let you know which item you received in the lootboxes. Added new tabs to Coin Shop to organize it better. Fixed left arm Demonic Vambrace and position of Demonic sword. Adapted premium expired text to fit better in chat. Fixed spec of items when buying in bulk in Time/Vote Shop. Added better item descriptions for the upgrading Belt System. Anti Hack improvements. Added a global announcement when upgrading or crafting a Belt. Added global announcement when craft Boss Set 3. Fixed a bug when receiving the clan login message. Fixed Tribal Costume Visual on Shaman.
  4. Ragnar

    Patch 3191

    Dungeons Released! https://forum.losttale.com/index.php?/dungeon-system/ Added Swamp. Added Bee Hive dungeon. Added new mode in dungeons Added 3D maps with different rules than Ghost Castle. No rounds, monsters are limited and will not respawn. After clearing the map the boss will spawn. Monsters icons and spawns locations added to the mini map. Instances of Dungeons are saved after starting it, so don't fail! Removed finalization of dungeon instance when a party member quits. Now monsters from dungeons give a big ammount of EXP. Improved monster movement to not run away as often in dungeons. Added drops to 3D dungeons. Added new npc Dungeon Master in Ricarten, where you can check out all dungeons available. The dungeons get progressively harder and rewards get better according to the number of participants. New Dungeon Map: Crystal Nest Dungeon New Boss Aragonian. New monsters. New Skins lines from Boss and Crystal Nest Treasure. Chance of items 136 from monsters and Boss. New Item: Belt Released: Craft your belt to gain extra stats: Extra defence, abs and extra potion in your bracelet. Spec stats give you unique stats: Critical Resistance: Reduces the chances of your oponent hitting a critical on you. Potion Efficiency to increase your gains when using potions. Improved Boss Set Effect: No longer the effect's lost when you upgrade one piece of your boss set. You can combine Boss Sets and will receive the lower bonus part yet. Story Mode: New Quest: Warehouse Expansion #4! Boss Balance: Yagditha: Abyss Skins drop chances slightly increased. Yagditha Essence drop chances slightly increased. Flame Maiden: Items 128 drop chances slightly increased. Items 136 drop chances slightly increased. Flame Maiden Essence drop chances slightly increased. AlShams and Alqamar: Items 128 drop chances increased. Items 136 drop chances slightly increased. Added a chance of drop Silver Bar. Prince Arena: Prince Essence drop chances slightly increased. Team Death Match Winner and Free For All Top 10: Increased chance of Fluence Stone. Added Skin Holder and Remover. Added Capture Crystal. Monsters spawned in events will have less minimum damage required to enter in the Roll System. Added 10 seconds PVP cooldown timer to use cores and teleports. Removed invulnerability time when using cores, teleports and doors. Connections improvements. New map added to Team Death Match. Added double verification when throwing valuable items to field. Added lock to inventory when using reset stats stone and outweighted. Fixed some bugs when linking items to chat. Alterered game icon. Ripe Stone price reduced to 30kk on Pillai Sheltom Shop. Added Copper Ore to Pillai Sheltom Shop. When mega crystal event is ON the crystals and summons won't die easy to bosses. Teleport party will now teleport you to the exact location of your party mate. Improved server handling of damage display. Removed old rewards from Ghost Castle and Fury Arena. Increased minimum aging to +16 in the global alert. Server Internal security buffed. Fixed online reward. Fixed level of entrance to Abyss at Lost Island. Fixes to Time Shop and Vote Shop when delivering items. Improved news system when logging in. Fixed retrieving distributor items when full. Improved Roll Dice messages so it won't spam your chat. Preparation for more skins. Added possibility of getting more than one of the same item when using lootbox. Fixed a bug where some shaman buffs would not work when getting hit. Fixed a bug where your game would crash when minimizing when using skills. Fixed some game crashs.
  5. Ragnar

    Patch 3189

    Distributor improvements: Newly items will now appear on the top of the list. Fixed text when discarting items. Fixed several crashs. Fixed bug when outweighted. Fixed item stats when buying more than 1 acessory. Added some improvements on items stack. Allowed more items to be sended to other players. Added message when receive an item. Added message when you take and discard items. Story Mode: Dark Forces!: Added Mythology items as reward. Repeatable Quests: New quest: Heart Of Fire Treasure! New Flame Treasure Chest: Chances of Fire Skins and other nice rewards. Daily Quests: New quest: Through the Fire and Flames! New Skin: Valento Sword. (Very rare chance to drop from Valento). Prince Arena: Added very rare chance to obtain Prince Essence. Rewards rebalanced. Added more premiuns and stones. Now is limited for one player per computer. New Boss Set 3: Prince Ring, Yagditha Amulet, Flame Sheltom They can be obtained through crafting evolving the Boss Set 1. Essences are dropped in the following events and monsters: Prince reward in the fury arena. Yagditha loot. Flame Maiden loot. Recipes: . https://forum.losttale.com/index.php?/craft-system/ Valento Ring + 3 Prince Essence + 300kk = Prince Ring Kelvezu Amulet + 3 Yagditha Essence + 300kk = Yagditha Amulet Mokova Sheltom + 3 Flame Maiden Essence + 300kk = Flame Sheltom Fixed level to enter AD3 through AD2. Increased respec level for teiwaz. Fixed Flame Armor/Robe skin. Added new bosses global alert when spawn. Fixed a bug related to Greedy Relic on PVP. Fixed spec in coinshop items with the new distributor. Fixed several skills that was being used while dead. Possible fix to random caravans appearing. Improved movement of wings, they now follow the character motion. Fixed new monsters(haunted mine) death animation. Fixed Personal message when text is too long. Internal server improvements.
  6. Ragnar

    Patch 3186

    New features added to Distributor: You can send items to your friends. Same type items are now grouped together. You can now withdraw items in the quantity that you want. You can now discard all items at the same type. Full Guide to come. Added a message in the chat box when a premium expire. Fixed a bug that would make your screen blue when playing with MS. Fixed a bug that allowed items to be thrown to the ground accidentally when using certain systems. Fixed some internal server errors. Fixed bugs related to the Relogin System. Fixed some bugs related to Bosses. Fixed some Skills effects bugs that may create some tracks on the screen. Anti Hack improvements.
  7. Ragnar

    Patch 3157

    Challenge System released! New Solo and Clan Migrations Available! Preparations for Skin System! Preparations for Halloween Event! Sod Gold crown rebalanced for a more balanced PVP enviroment. (Give us your feedback about the PVP). Preparations for PVP Token System. TDM Winner: Added chance of Sol. Increased chance of Sapphire. Increased chance of Arcane Stone. Increased exp from 20B + 1B per kill to 80B + 2B per kill. TDM Loser: Increased exp from 10B + 1B per kill to 60B + 2B per kill. Free For All TOP 1: Added Sol. Added Fluence Stone. Free For All TOP 10: Added chance of Sol. Increased chance of Sapphire. Increased chance of Arcane Stone. Increased exp from 20B + 1B per kill to 80B + 2B per kill. Fury Arena: Increased chances of Cooper Bar. Reduced chances of low premiuns. Prince Arena: Increased chances of Sapphire and Sol. Increased chances of Arcane Stone. Slightly increased chances of items 128, 126. Ghost Castle: Added Sol chance. Increased chances of Cooper Bar. Improved anti hack false alarms. Fixed a bug that allowed defense and damage off events to affect SOD monsters. Fixed a bug that allowed players to attack outside Bless Castle danger zone. Fixed a bug that would not remove user's TDM and FFA HUD after changing maps. Fixed a bug that would randomly remove players from the PVP events. Internal server optimizations. Increased Soul Crystal time to 10 minutes. Fixed a bug that would make new characters not show up on ranking server. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Manual Patch 3157
  8. Ragnar

    Patch 3150

    Online Rewards: Added Elder Stone Added Sapphire and Sapphire Force. Added rare chance of Sol. Increased chances of good rewards. Reduced chance of forces and low sheltons. Fury Arena: Reduced chances of Hairstyle at King Fury. Reduced chances of matures at Prince. Item swap: Items 126 and 128 released. Now swap is limited for items in the same category. Mix balance: (For those who already have mixed the items send a message at Facebook or Forum to change it). Rings: Sol and Sapphire mix Hp increased. Amulets: added HP to the formulas. Sheltom: Sol and Sapphire Vigor mix balanced. Clan members size reduced to 15 members. ( Give us your feedback). Aging +24 released! Preparations for new events. Ancient Treasure Sol chance slightly increased. PVP rank and Rewards are now based on Kills minus Deaths. Improved anti-hack system. Added Sapphire rare drop chance for Wanted Moriph. Fixed a bug with removing the item from inventory when using item name changer. Effect checked as off was improved for higher FPS. (Use it OFF for more FPS). Internal server improvements. Fixed swap for enchanted items. Fixed evade description in "C". Fixed a bug that would allow dead players to use mounts. Fixed a bug that would make archers and mechanicians not see their shields. Fixed a bug that would make archer bow don't glow. Improved save and load of settings. Fixed a rare bug when seeing too many particles. Class Balance Archer Evade Shot animation speed increased and now can be used in a medium range. Assassin Dual Wield Mastery damage increased. Soul Shock stun time increased. Now is affected by attack speed. Attack Mastery weapon block rating increased. Alas evade slightly increased. Polluted damage reduced. Ninja Shadow now is affected by attack speed. Fixed a bug where skills would not reset after death. Knight Grand Cross animation speed increased. Divine Piercing animation speed and damage increased. Now add attack rating instead of critical. Saint Blade animation speed increased. Fighter Seismic Impact attack rating now work properly in PVE. Martial Strenght Mastery damage increased. Typhoon Kick damage increased. Attack Mastery attack rating increased. Haunting Hawk damage increased. Mechanician Grand Smash attack rating increased. Pikeman Weapon Defense Mastery block increased. Vanish damage reduced. Venom Spear added the area in the skill description. Chain Lancer damage increased. Assassins Eye critical damage reduced. Charged Strike damage and charge speed increased. Shadow Master damage increased. Last Breath damage reduced. Ex Death weapon attack rating increased. Shaman Press Deity fixed a bug where the damage had a delay to count. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Manual Patch 3150
  9. Ragnar

    Patch 3119

    Upgraded the host server to a better machine. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3118 manual update Patch 3119 manual update If you have any problems with the launcher or you're seeing this post after 06/01/2020, please download our new client full: https://losttale.com/downloads
  10. Ragnar

    Patch 3117

    Fixed quest rewards for martial artists. (visual). Poison damage now show the damage in the screen. Fixed hairpotions above N. Changed rolldice percent to enter the roll. Greedy defense slighty reduced. New loading screens with faster loading time. Reduced movement speed from premiums. Bless Castle buff will no longer work in Bellatra. Fixed a bug that would make player lose top level when changing nickname. New TeamDeathmatch visual hud. Changed mech defense formula. Changed characters speed formula. Added new solo quest to Secret Laboratory. Some server improvements. New Ranking System Released! Check it out on the old NPC In Ricarten Town Classes Changes: Archer: Phoenix Blessing movement speed reduced. MP and STM consumption reduced. Assassin: Wisp duration increased. Atalanta: Amazon Rage movement speed reduced. MP and STM consumption reduced. Mechanician: Trine Shield don't reduce damage of Grand Smash anymore. But block, absorption and defense reduced. MP and STM consumption reduced. Trine Shield can't be used with Automation anymore. Fixed Automation and Precision descriptions. Priestess: Holy Mind duration increased. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3117 manual update
  11. Ragnar

    Patch 3112

    Fixed a game crash when loading the game for the first time. Share Password now is working properly. Preparations for new Ranking npc in game. Reduced chance of monsters use area skills in Ice Mine. Reduced damage of special skills from monsters in Ice Mine. Reworked Ice Mine spawn to not need lurer. Fixed fury scroll description. Fixed a crash related to visual effects. Fury arena now has a 2 player per machine limit.(Rewards will be rebalanced in the next update) Ghost castle is limited to 1 user per machine instead of per IP. Team Death Match is now 4 times a day at 2AM, 9AM, 2PM, 9PM Server Time. Increased time of Soul Crystal to 5 minutes. Soul Crystal price reduced. Improved server performance and game update when in a huge HS. Changed skills delays for: Ground pike. Perfect Aim Glacial Spike. Removed Valento and Mokovian from the Story Mode to make easier for begginer's. Fixed several quest texts. Ghost Shield now is Babel Shield, new skin and new stats. (You can respec it to get new stats, or if already aged ask for support). Godly 1h items now are Hades items. Skill Master A B C price reduced. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3112 manual update
  12. Ragnar

    Patch 3110

    Added the option to use left click in several skills. Fixed incorrect descriptions in several items Fixed a bug that would make some hairstyles not work. Changed order of quests in the questbook(visual change only). Temporary fix to a problem that was causing the server to lag(next update we will make a more permanent fix). For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3110 manual update
  13. Ragnar

    Patch 3105

    Anti Hack improvements. Server performance improved. Fixed some connections problems. Fixed several servers crashs. Added Quest NPC icons. Added new Story Mode quest in Ice Mine. Ice Mine monsters damage reduced in 10%. Added 2 more monsters for the minor spawns in Ice Mine. Added NPC texts to Story Mode. Tulla now have chances of drop 118 items. Added Rings and Amulets 114 to the drop list. Ghost Shield added to Ghost Castle Rewards. Changed minimum level for TDM event to 120. Fixed player level ranking to update their level up date correctly. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3105 manual update
  14. Ragnar

    Patch 3104

    Players who fall into the lava will now die at Team death match. Fixed a quest bug when handling monster kills. Added greedy spawn indication to the minimap. Chances of Ice Worm spawn in Ice Mine reduced. Fixed bug where some monsters in AW dropped 0 gold. Fixed a quest indication bug. Atalanta: Storm Javelin damage increased. Extreme Rage damage increased. Frost Javelin resistance bug fixed. Lightining Javelin damage reduced. For those having problems with the update, use the following link: Patch 3104 manual update
  15. Ragnar

    News about the server

    Hello, warriors. Since the last couple of months the server has grown at a very fast pace. And because of that Odin and I can't keep up with administrating and developing for the server. So we decided to bring an extra set of hands to the table. From now on, our friend, @GM-Harald will be the administration of the server. This means that any player interaction, any question, suggestion and support goes through him. Odin and I will be exclusively focused on programming. This will free us to focus in bringing new features and fixing bugs in the server.