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  1. Ragnar

    Patch 3039

    Incresed level cap. Map ad2 is unlocked. Map secret laboratory released! New item set released(level 122)
  2. Ragnar

    Vote Points and new User Panel!

    New Account Panel Released! It has a much cleaner and friendly user experience. Vote System added! Gain points voting for the server and exchange them for prizes! Donation now shows more clearly their bonuses. Clan management much more easy to use. You can now see the items from your distributor and discard them from the panel. More updates to come! If you have a suggestion, please use or suggestion board! How do I get Vote Points? Go to your user panel and click on the left tab Vote Points, then click on the 'Vote Now!' button at the bottom. For each completed vote you get 1 VP. You can vote every 24 hours!
  3. Ragnar

    Patch 3033

    Fixed Item Swap 114. Fixed Dead Ray not getting spirit elemental bonus. Fixed requirements stats of items changed with new spec stones.
  4. Ragnar

    Server Trailer

    Hello Warriors, We're here to share a nice video that one of our players made Thanks @Anonymous!
  5. Ragnar

    Patch 3026

    Skill Hyper Sonic now works properly. Fixed a problem where the stats formula were not working properly. New distributor released! Now you can choose what items to withdraw from the NPC. Fixed skill Hall of Valhalla not applying its boost correctly. Wind Arrow has no delay now. Tier 5 summons cannot tank bosses any longer. Accuracy system for PVP and PVE Changes(Defence formula changed). Fixed problem where Sinister Spin, Tiger Cannon and Line Break would not apply their damage as intended. Fixed skill Defense Mastery not working properly. Skills Force of Nature and Hall of Valhala can now be recast properly. Hunting Hawk now has no delay. Area skills now deal less damage in PVP. Skills missing should now be cancelled properly in the server side. Fixed a problem with skills that should not be used together. New skills should be cancelled properly when the player dies. Ice Meteorite now can be seen by all users and fixed its damage calculation. Virtual Life now has a reduced damage taken by 10% against monster and shows correctly its to everyone. Bless Castle reward now should work properly both in defense and attack mode. Bless Castle HUD now is more clean. Fixed MP and SP usage from Shaman Skills. Battle Points cannot be gained from accounts logged in the same IP address. Inpes now should apply the values correctly. Last Breath now has 100% DMG against demons and its damage percentage was boosted. Venom Spear should work properly now. Sinister Spin now has more details on information. Attack Mastery and Dual Wield Mastery should work properly. Kiss of the Viper now applies the bonus properly. Screenshot System was enhanced.
  6. Ragnar

    Patch 3023

    Hotfix Ata Poison Javeling dealing too much damage fixed. Fixed Poison Javeling not being able to deal poison from distance
  7. Ragnar

    Patch 3020

    Fixed aging percentage not appearing correctly in aging window. Broken item now has correct description. Devil Shy now spawns correctly (first spawn at the entrance of et2). Fixed crash related to SOD and new classes. Added ice effect to Ice Meteorite. Fixed Weapon Defence mastery information. Seismic Impact damage boosted and damage against demons added. HP capacity boost of Survival Instinct nerfed. Fixed HP regen formula of the game. Fixed bug related to split stack. Fixed display damage appearing while window not focused. Fixed a bug related to T5 and assassin's bighead. Added delay to Priest T4 Lightning skill. Ice Meteorite damage boosted. Fixed Ramiel attack and chain evade. T5 Titles corrected in character information. Nerfed Priest skill against undead and fixed cause of lag in big spawns. Fixed a bug related to Union Core. Added Virtual Life reduce damage description. Added chain of Critical from Brutal Swing to Seismic Impact. Reduced delay of Seismic Impact and increased speed of casting. Fixed Fire Weapon information in character. Improved monster spawns sligthly. Boosted Dual Wield Mastery. Boosted polluted damage. Sore Blade now has extra damage against mutant and normal monsters. Kiss of The Viper now has delay.
  8. Ragnar

    Regarding Balance

    Hello warriors, we have created a post to focus all the feedback on the classes and skills balancing. We would appreciate your feedback.
  9. Ragnar

    Aging Free and Monster Damage Reduction

    This is it, warriors. This is the opportunity for those who want to age their items and pay only the sheltoms for it! Monsters have 25% less damage than normally!
  10. Ragnar

    Patch 3015

    Removed delay from skills: Stinger Running hit Sore blade Gust slash Meteorite Dark bolt Dark wave Spiritual flare Phantom call Scratch Double back spin Elbow Rush Tiger Cannon Leap Smash Allowed Mage's meteorite to be used in the left skill slot. Fixed poluted skill to be used only in right skill slot. Fixed mana usage of frost wind.
  11. Ragnar

    Patch 3009

    Removed venom spear verification against bosses. Fixed Pikeman's Venom Spear description. (It's based on your damage) Fixed Mage's Elemental Spirit skill. Fixes monster counter in boss, repeatable and daily quests. Fixed Clever Newter Teleport. Repeatable Quests now gives progressively less exp as your level gets higher than the quest.
  12. Ragnar

    Patch 3002

    Finished quest book in progress window Fixed a bug where it was quite buggy to use magic core in lower resolutions. Fixed lower quest icon to properly open quest book Versão em português:
  13. Ragnar

    Lost Tale Official Release!

    Hello Warriors! After an intense week of testing and fixing the majority of the bugs in our Open Beta, we have finally come to the moment where the server is fully launched. We hope you all have a lot of fun, but to make sure of it, we need to inform you of certain key points. Make sure you take a look at our Server Rules. Read our Server About section. The server time is UTC Based, meaning that all our events and days are based around it. The max level for now will be 120. Our Exp rate is 50x during the week and mostly we have a double exp event on the weekends (Server Time). This may be adjusted in the future. During the first weekend we won't have exp event. You can check our item list over here. Take a look at our Guides too: Party System Aging Table Mix List Sheltom Cloning Fury Arena We fixed the majority of the game breaking bugs we had, but if we were to fix everything we would never open, so feel free to report anything that you see. You can see our development roadmap here. And check out what we have planned for the future of the server. During our beta, we had 10 players higher than 110, those players will receive a gift for a good start in the server. PhiLao 120 Atalanta Miki 115 Magician AMIHAN 114 Priestess BUHAWI 114 Magician Slurry 114 Knight Mikii 112 Knight WeixuS 110 Magician AllxD 110 Atalanta JonSnow 110 Mechanician Hokage 110 Magician If you are in this list, please contact us via forum with your game character name to receive the prize. We have released a new client full, for the newcomers. If you already have the client, don't worry, just make sure you start your launcher properly! Portuguese: Olá Guerreiros! Após uma semana intensa de testes e correção da maioria dos bugs em nosso Open Beta, finalmente chegamos ao momento em que o servidor é totalmente lançado. Esperamos que todos se divirtam muito, mas, para ter certeza, precisamos informá-lo sobre alguns pontos-chave. Não deixe de conferir nossas Regras do Servidor. Leia a seção Sobre o nosso servidor. O horário do servidor é Baseado em UTC, o que significa que todos os nossos eventos e dias são baseados em torno dele. O nível máximo por enquanto será de 120. Nossa taxa de Exp é de 50x durante a semana e, na maioria das vezes, temos um evento de exp duplo nos finais de semana (horário do servidor). Isso pode ser ajustado no futuro. Durante o primeiro fim de semana, não teremos o evento exp. Você pode conferir nossa lista de itens aqui. Dê uma olhada nos nossos guias também: Sistema de Party Tabela de Aging Lista de Mix Clonagem de Sheltom Arena do Fúria Corrigimos a maioria dos bugs que atrapalhavam o jogo, mas se fossemos consertar tudo o que existe nunca abriríamos, sinta-se à vontade para reportar qualquer coisa que você veja. Durante o nosso beta, tivemos 10 jogadores com mais de 110, esses jogadores receberão um presente para um bom começo no servidor. PhiLao 120 Atalanta Miki 115 Magician AMIHAN 114 Priestess BUHAWI 114 Magician Slurry 114 Knight Mikii 112 Knight WeixuS 110 Magician AllxD 110 Atalanta JonSnow 110 Mechanician Hokage 110 Magician Se você está nesta lista, entre em contato conosco através do fórum com o nome do seu personagem para receber o prêmio. Lançamos um novo cliente completo para os recém-chegados. Se você já tem o cliente, não se preocupe, apenas certifique-se de iniciar o launcher corretamente!
  14. Ragnar

    Patch 1410

    Hotfix: Fixed game crashing when using special characters.
  15. Ragnar

    Patch 1330

    Fixed broken chat when displaying a long message . Added chat command to disable all your active quests Type in chat /cancelquests to use it! Server spawns redone Fixed a crash in Cursed Temple 3th floor (CT3) MAP. Virtual Life (VL) is now given to everyone in your party Use it as if you were going to give yourself Virtual Life (VL). New UI improvement Added new confirmation dialog Added new Target HUD. Changed game general font. Changed premiums location. New boss HUD HP. Added age fail change feedback on the age window When you put your item and stones, there will be a message showing your % change of failure. Increased view range. Audio quality improved Added music in the login menu. Ricartem song is back. Added monsters effects Sea of abyss monsters now have proper effects. Added Shelton Cloning System! See the link for more information. Since this is a big update, we have released a new client full ( Ver. 1330 ). https://losttale.com/download.php For those who still want to download the patch manually, dowload the files and extract them manually. https://losttale.com/updates/1310.zip https://losttale.com/updates/1320.zip https://losttale.com/updates/1325.zip https://losttale.com/updates/1330.zip