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  • Pets

    This is a new feature added to the game, where players can adopt Pets.
    They are companions that will follow you everywhere, even in the most difficult moments!

    Adopting a Pet:

    Pets can be found in the Coin Shop or through special events.
    They are inside "Special Crystals" and the process to adopt is very simple.

    After acquiring the Pet you just need to "Right Click" the item, and the adopt box will open.
    You can chose your pet name and then click "Ok" to adopt, and it will be added to your stable.


    Summoning the Pet:

    To summon your Pet you just need to press "X" to open the stable and click in Pets.
    Here you can manage your Pets, and set shortcuts for easily summon and unsummon.
    To do that you need to hold "Right Click" on the Pet, and click in the hotkey button that you want.
    Also you can use the summon button, or simple drag the icon to your Action Bar.
    You can fast summon and unsummon using same button, but there is a 5 seconds cooldown to summon again.

    308609253_PetWindow.png.aceba87a0cbe63b8568cc67a1a32d049.png 174557861_PetActionBar.png.1e7035c0bad2e903333d8baa8b2a8fb9.png1061850455_CatPet.png.fa69369ca0e94d303223c5d288d1f2f8.png

    Pet List:

    You can check all game Pets in the Collection, by pressing "L".