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  • Party System

    Partying means group up with other players to play together.
    Here in Lost Tale the Party System had an exclusively HUD, with new modes and options.
    You can party with anyone you want, there's no character level limit.


    Inviting players:

    To invite someone to your party is very simple.
    Click on the character HUD options and click in party.
    Other way to do that is use the command //party "character name"


    Party Modes:

    There's three Party Modes, (EXP / NORMAL / HUNT).
    To change mode the Party Leader need to "Right Click" on his name, and click on "Change Mode".


    Normal Mode: Default mode, with base experience and drops.
    Exp Mode: Increase experience gained from monsters, but reduce the number of drops by 1.
    Hunt Mode: Increase the drop number from monsters by 1, but reduce exp gained.

    Teleporting to Party members:

    This is an exclusive option that make players able to teleport to their party members easily.
    To do this "Right Click" on the party member you want to teleport and click in "Teleport To".
    There's an small fee in gold to teleport.


    Other options:

    Delegate: This command changes who the party leader is.
    Kick: This command will kick someone out of the party, after you select him by clicking his nickname.
    Leave: Used to leave the party. If you are the leader, another member will become leader randomly.