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  • New Distributor

    The Item Distributor is the place where you receive items that are bought in any shop, rewards from events or drop from Bosses.
    Here in Lost Tale we bring a totally newly Distributor with new functions.
    Now is possible to send and receive items from other players. Also a better item organization to make the process much easier.
    This was created to bring more comfort and practicality for players.

    Accessing the Distributor:

    The Item Distributor NPC can be found in all towns.
    But there's an easy way to access it through the Coin Shop.
    To do that is just necessary to press "F11" and then click on "Distributor".


    After that the "Distributor Window" will open.
    This window show all the items that you can retrieve, and will organize automatically according to the item type and from where you get.
    To receive a item you just need to click on "Take", and then choose the number of items that you want to retrieve.
    If there's some item that you don't want you can click on "Discard".
    You can use the filter to search for specific items on the list.
    Also by passing the mouse above the "?", it will show from where this item came or who sended to you.


    Sending Items:

    Send items for other players is very easy.
    On the "Distributor Window" you will just need to click on the "Send Item" button, on the upper left corner.
    After that you need to enter the nickname of the player, and fill the "Item Box" below with the item that you want to send.

    It will cost an low amount of gold.